Gary Johnson On the Verge of Appearing On the Debate Stage

Just 4 days ago, I reported that Johnson was at 12% approval after a steady rise in popularity due to the unprecedented unpopularity of both the Republican and Democrat nominees, Trump and Clinton.


This was good news, since Johnson needs to reach 15% to appear on the debate stage alongside the two major party candidates. Being only 3 points away, Johnson has never been so close, yet so far from making Libertarian party history.

But everyone should take note, as Johnson has now edged even closer.

According to a CNN poll, Johnson has gained yet another point, putting him at 13%. That’s a 5 point jump from last month, and just 2 points away from a stage a third party candidate hasn’t been seen on since Ross Perot in 1992.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 1.55.48 PM


Seeing yet another point gained in just a handful of days means that Johnson’s momentum could carry him all the way to 15% sooner than later. With 2 to go until the candidates clash, Johnson’s chances look good.

As I’ve stated before, many people aren’t even aware of the Libertarian party’s existence, and its appearance in the national limelight could open the door for a massive shift of support from the two major parties during this turbulent election year.

The other two candidates have done their level best to pretend Johnson isn’t there, but soon they may not have a choice, and will have to deal with the Libertarian candidate face to face.



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