Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson Still Rising, Says New Poll

For those who can’t stomach the idea of voting for Donald Trump OR Hillary Clinton, the prospect of voting for a Libertarian candidate was the only option that didn’t look like selling your soul.

The rush to the Libertarian party was somewhat noticeable. Spikes in membership saw the Libertarian party gaining 100 new members a month, and somewhere around $400,000 in donations…and that was reported back in May.

Apparently, approval for Gary Johnson has seen something of an uptick since then, as the Libertarian candidate has seen a 2% growth in approval, bringing him up to 12%, according to a NYT/CBS poll. While Republicans sit at 9%, and Democrats sit at 5%, Independents support Johnson at 21%.

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There could be several factors leading to this bump for Johnson, such as Bernie Sanders dropping out and throwing his weight behind Clinton, and of course, Clinton escaping any kind of punishment for her very obvious crimes surrounding her private email servers.

Regardless of the reason, this is exciting news for those would like to see Johnson at least make a showing on the debate stage alongside Clinton and Trump. Johnson needs a total of 15% to appear next to the Democrat, and other Democrat.

As it stands, many people don’t seem to know that a 3rd party candidate even exists. Johnson’s appearance on the national stage would probably be a massive upset to poll numbers for the two main parties, whose candidates no one seems to like. The introduction of a new candidate could begin a voter’s exodus toward the Libertarian cause.

This all hinges on Johnson reaching 15% however, and in terms of distance, 12% is so close, yet so far away. If Libertarians are going to formally introduce themselves to America in the coming months by appearing on the debate stage, they should turn their campaigning up to 11.