Horror Story: Abortionist Strangles Baby While Nurses Watch

The depravity of the abortion industry knows little boundaries. There’s a least a horror story a day that comes from it. They’re all heinous, and some of them defy any sense of rationality. The brutality of Kermit Gosnell is one such horror story. A more recent example would be the selling of baby parts by Planned Parenthood.

All are excellent reasons as to why the industry must be brought crashing to the ground, lit on fire, then the ashes themselves burned.

Another such story has surfaced, this time dating back to 1977, at the Westminster Community Hospital.

A young woman named “Mary W” was looking to get an abortion at 28 weeks. Back in the 70’s it was legal to get abortions all the way up to the moment of birth – a favored position of Hillary Clinton’s. Even so, not many doctors were willing to perform an abortion at that late in the pregnancy. Mary, however, found a doctor that would by the name of Dr. William Baxter Waddill.

Waddill was to give Mary a saline abortion, where saline is injected into the uterus, where the chemicals slowly burn and poison the baby to death. The baby is then stillborn…or at least, that’s the idea. Saline abortions have a high rate of babies being born still very much alive.

Waddill did his job, injected the chemical and left, as abortionists often did, leaving the nurses to deal with the patients and cleanup. The procedure went as planned, or so everyone thought. The baby came out, presumed dead, and was put into a bucket where it would be taken to pathology.

But the nurses were surprised when the baby began moving and crying. Unsure of what action to take, the nurses notified Waddill who had apparently gone home, then cleaned the baby and suctioned her throat to help her breath. She was then put in the nursery.

Mary was not informed of any of this.

What followed next was nothing short of a scene from a horror movie. As told by LifeNews.com

When Dr. Waddill arrived at the clinic, he was angry. He reportedly chased all the nurses out of the room and made a call to another physician, Dr. Ronald Cornelsen. The law at that time stated that two doctors needed to be present to pronounce a premature baby dead. The conversation between the two doctors was recorded and entered into evidence in the trial. According to the tape, Waddill said:

“If we all tell the same story, there will be no trouble. … So long as we stand together, no one anywhere can make any accusations anywhere. … Do not get squirrely. Just tell them exactly as we’ve discussed. Just say you went in, there was no heartbeat and you left.”

Dr. Cornelsen later testified that he believed that the baby was closer to 31 weeks than 28 weeks. He heard Waddill say, “Sorry to get you into this mess. We had a baby that came out alive from a saline abortion, and it can’t live!”

Dr. Waddill requested potassium chloride to inject into the baby’s heart to stop it. Dr. Cornelsen prevented the nurse from getting it. Waddill then discussed throwing the baby into a bucket of water. Dr. Cornelsen said in testimony:

“I said, ‘Why not just leave the baby alone?’ Waddill said, ‘This baby can’t live or it will be a big mess.’”

Finally, Waddill began strangling the child in full view of Cornelsen and other nurses. No one stopped him. He was quoted saying, “This baby won’t stop breathing!”

The autopsy would later reveal bruises on the baby’s throat where it had been strangled to death, and combined with the autopsy reports, and eye witness testimony, Waddill was sent to trail for this heinous act.

And he got off scott-free. After a couple of mistrials, Waddill walked away. In fact, he still practices abortions today.

This story has been told several times, but having stumbled upon it, I thought it worth telling again. I wanted to tell it, because this is the abortion industry we can’t forget. It’s not the “care no matter what,” with pretty smiling girls walking together, arm in arm. It’s not a celebration of women’s “freedom.” It’s a baby fighting for life as a doctor tries to take it.

Beneath the facade of pink colors and “care no matter what” are the thousands of dead children who were victims of stories akin to this one, that we never heard of.


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