If Matt Damon Wants to Talk About Guns "Sensibly" He Can Start by Not Supporting a Ban and Addressing These Facts

The same guy who played a trained killer that plummeted down the center of a stairwell on a corpse, firing a gun – and other awesome scenes of like bullet flying goodness – recently sat down for an interview in Australia about his new movie, “Jason Bourne.”

For those of you who have never seen a Jason Bourne movie, it’s about a dude who can shoot guns and fight really well.

For those of you who have never been to Australia, they banned guns.

So it was pretty funny to watch Matt Damon, the man who consistently makes them look really cool in movies, to tell an Australian host that the way Australians banned guns is something he wishes America would do.

“You guys did it here in one fell swoop,” said Damon responding to a question about gun control. “And I wish that could happen in my country, but it’s not. It’s such a personal issue for people that we don’t – we cannot – talk about it sensibly.”

“We can’t,” he continued. “People get so emotional, and so that even when you make a suggestion about like keeping people – ya know – not selling AK-47’s to people on terror watch lists. Ya know what I mean? That’s like a non-starter. So I don’t know what needs to happen. Obviously mass shootings aren’t going to do it.”

Matt Damon says all this completely straight faced, ignoring the fact that his use of them in movies is insanely fun to watch. Wishing they were banned while simultaneously promoting a movie that all but glorifies them is done without a hint of self-awareness. I guess we should keep in mind that this is a Hollywood actor we’re talking about, and they’re view extends about as far as their armed security that protects them from the outside world.

In any case, what bothers me about Damon isn’t that he wants guns banned. What good leftist A-lister doesn’t? What bothers me is that Damon is attempting to paint himself as coming from a position of sensibility, level-headedness, and facts before feelings.

This would be hilarious if Damon didn’t have the platform he did. His position as a pop-culture superstar gives him access to spread lies so quickly that the truth’s alarm clock hasn’t even gone off, much less gotten its pants on.

For one, Damon’s “talk about it sensibly” comment gives no credence to the fact that his position is stocked with people who oftentimes react to mass shootings by blaming innocent people such as the NRA, or “the American gun culture.” They never stop to see mass shootings for the anomaly they are. If they were a part of the NRA gun culture, multiple mass shootings would be happening several times a day. According to studies, mass shootings aren’t even on the rise.

If Damon really wanted to talk sensibly, then why not talk about gun free zones, and how 96% of these mass shootings occur on them?  Why not speak “sensibly” about how often guns deter crime, or how often the absence of guns only promotes it…like it did in Australia.

It’s also scary that Damon can promote something as unconstitutional as a terrorist watch list, where a United States citizens can have their rights stripped from them because a bureaucrat who has never met him suspects he might not be on the up and up. Is Damon suggesting that we should proceed to convict people of crimes they haven’t committed? That’s what we’re doing.

As much as I want terrorists to have a harder time killing people, “terrorist” is a square peg in a sea of round holes. When toddlers, and congressmen are placed on the terror watch list, you know it’s not very efficient.

Every time Damon opens his mouth to say words that weren’t written for him, he looks more and more like an uneducated, pseudo-intellectual try-hard. You can tell he hasn’t researched a thing, or if he has, he was very careful in what he read. If Damon truly cared about gun crime, then he’d show concern about the gang culture that constitutes the majority of gun crime. Or that 60% of gun deaths are actually suicides. Maybe we should talk about mental health?

We won’t, because Damon and his kind aren’t here to talk with you “sensibly.” They’re here to talk at you.