WATCH: Gary Johnson Talks Hillary, Trump, and Ruling the World With Free Trade

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson speaks to supporters and delegates at the National Libertarian Party Convention, Friday, May 27, 2016, in Orlando, Fla. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

Monday, Gary Johnson did an interview with MSNBC where he talked about the current insanity that is the 2016 Presidential elections.

During the interview, the host pointed out that when Johnson is included into the polls, the matchup between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton almost evens out to a tie. Johnson, who currently sits at 10% of the poles, responded by pointing out that he’s taking votes from both sides due to the unlikable nature of both his opposing candidates.


“I think her answer for everything is more government,” he said of Clinton. “I think she’s been the architect of our foreign policy, that if it continues the world is going to continue to be less safe as opposed to more safe.”

“When it comes to Donald Trump – starting with immigration – deporting 11 million undocumented workers, building a fence across the border, killing the families of muslim terrorists, bringing back waterboarding or worse,” said Johnson. “Free trade – that doesn’t mean forcing Apple to make their iPads and iPhones in the United States, that doesn’t mean a 35% tariff on imported goods.”

“There’s a big highway right down the middle that most people in this country occupy. I’m making the case that that’s libertarian, it’s that people don’t know it.” he said.

Johnson’s chances of getting to the debate stage are closer than they’ve ever been, and told the host that elections are so crazy that he may very well be talking to the next President of the United States.


“I think it’s what most people are all about – being fiscally conservative and socially don’t give a damn. As long as you don’t force me into believing what it is you believe. Let people have choices in life,” said Johnson.

“Let’s rule the world with free trade. Let’s bring peace to the world. Let’s involve ourselves diplomatically,” said Johnson.


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