POLL: Hillary Gains Ground, While Trump Loses Independents

A recent poll by Morning Consult shows that this past weekend was not a good one for Trump, who ended up losing ground to Hillary.

According to the site, Clinton jumped 5 points in front of Trump, and even lost ground with the independent vote in the process. This is after a temporary 3 point loss for Clinton right after the Orlando shooting.


Well over two-fifths of registered voters (44 percent) said they would choose the presumptive Democratic nominee if the presidential election were held now, while 39 percent said they would choose Trump. Almost one-fifth of respondents (18 percent) don’t know or have no opinion.

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When third party choice, Gary Johnson, was introduced, voters made their way to Johnson’s camp in good number, even giving the former Governor a slight increase since this poll was last conducted.

When voters were also given a third choice, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, Clinton was the first choice for 39 percent of respondents, compared with 36 percent for Trump. Johnson pulled in 11 percent of support, a slight uptick from previous weeks, and 13 percent of voters were undecided.

The aforementioned independent vote also left Trump, while Clinton saw something of a gain, bringing her within a couple of points of closing the gap.

Trump lost ground with independent voters over the last week and a half. He was up 9 percentage points over Clinton in a mid-June Morning Consult poll — 39 percent to 30 percent — that occurred before Brexit and his Scotland trip. Over the weekend, however, his support among independents dropped to 35 percent. Clinton’s support rose to 33 percent. About one-third of independents in both polls were undecided. In the most recent poll, the “don’t know/no opinion” figure for independents is 32 percent.


Where Trump did score big, however, is with the people’s confidence that he’d grow the economy. According to the polls, Trump leads Clinton on this 45% to Clinton’s 38%. The same can be said with job creation, where Clinton loses to Trump 38% to 43%.

Trump’s largest lead in the poll comes out through the subject of the interests of the wealthy, which those polled believe he has well in mind. A whopping 51% over Clinton’s 33%. The opposite is true when it comes to the interests of the poor, where Trump sits at 29%, compared to Clinton’s 47%.




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