Steven Crowder Takes SkyNews Host to School, and Things Get a Little Heated

Funny enough, the people I often find myself arguing with about gun control don’t originate from America. 3/5ths of the time, I seem to be arguing with someone oversees, either from Britain or Australia.


10/10 times, however, the foreigner I’m arguing with is regurgitating bad facts, misinformation, or emotional pleas. Any attempt at educating them to contrary results in absolutely no change to their thoughts on the matter.

This was perfectly demonstrated in audio/visual format when Steven Crowder was invited on SkyNews to talk about the Democrat sit-in, and gun control in America.

The host attempted to spread the misinformation fed to him by politicians and media outlets – such as how automatic weapons were used in Orlando, and the “assault rifle” buzzword – but Crowder wasn’t have it. At first, Crowder attempted to politely correct him, but as the host continued to try to tell the same lie repeatedly, Crowder took the gloves off.

Watch the exchange here.



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