SCAM: Dems CHOSE to Reject Forcing Gun Control Vote So They Could Run Sit-In Fundraising Scheme Instead


If you want further proof that Democrats aren’t serious about their self-appointment as the voice of the people, then you need look no further than the sit-in (lovingly called the “pout-in”) that House Democrats began Wednesday.


As it turns out, Democrats could have forced the vote that they claimed they so desperately wanted, but really, this wasn’t the aim at all. What they wanted was big, flashy, and cashy.

From Politico:

Hill Democrats had been itching for a political fight on guns since the Orlando shootings. In the Senate, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) last week had staged a successful filibuster that caught national attention and eventually led to a series of floor votes. Those measures failed, but there will be another vote on a proposal by Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine).

House Democrats wanted to do something similar and had been brainstorming for days. There had been talk about trying a discharge petition — doing an end run on GOP leaders to force a vote — but they didn’t have the support and it would take too long.

So they needed to come up with something bigger, something more catchy.

And so they did. The Democrats popped a squat down on the literal House floor in a big, dramatic display of concern for the citizenry, and “common sense” measures on gun control. During this they would claim that the GOP was restricting the vote, when it was the Democrats themselves who were pulling strings by not filling out the necessary paperwork.

But that’s not all. The only Democrats love more than attention is money, and if you’re good at something never do it for free.

Fundraising emails were sent out by various representatives, and the DCCC that all centered around how much they needed your help in order to fight the Republican/NRA/pro-gun activist scourge that is killing our nation.


Read one email…

“This is an historically important moment! John Lewis has been leading a sit-in on the House floor for 11 long hours now. We’re fighting to prevent gun violence. The Republicans refuse to lift a finger. It’s shameful. I need your help to defeat them once and for all.”

As Jay Caruso points out in his article, the DCCC has sent at least 8 fundraising emails since last night.

The Democrats never really cared about the vote, because they didn’t force it like they could have. Their end goal was getting money from gullible people who really thought they were fighting the good fight, and sticking it to Republicans.

Once again, concerns over the safety of the citizenry was never the concern. Only Louie Gohmert showed any inclination into talking about that. What this was, pure and simple, was a cash grab.

The bottom line here is that they could have had a vote. They are protesting to get a vote they could have had just by doing the paperwork. Nothing stopped them from doing it. They CHOSE to do the sit-in instead. And of course we know why.

You’re all being played.



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