Bernie Bros Open Up to #FeelTheJohnson

With Bernie out, Sanders supporters are desperately looking to find a candidate worth their vote. But with Hillary representing the crony politics they’ve come to hate, and Trump being so horrendously awful for many of the same reasons and more, what kind of candidate can the wayward Democrats get a firm grip on, and ride to the finish?


As it turns out, Johnson is that choice. There’s a large push from the Libertarian camp to expand, and it’s aimed right at the sweet spot of the Sanders camp.

“Government can level the playing field. Crony capitalism is alive and well,” said Johnson in a recent CNN New Day interview.

But this isn’t the first time Johnson has winked at Sanders voters, as he’s made attempts in the past to win them over when the inevitable happened, and Clinton seized the nomination.

“I think there’s a real connection there, and that would be really regarding social issues. The inequality, how the system is rigged, let’s stop dropping bombs, let’s legalize marijuana,” said Johnson, during an on the spot interview.

Recently, Johnson was on camera saying that in a political test, he lines up with Sanders by a whopping 73%.

The website,, made a handy image and listed five reasons to detail why Bernie supporters should be open to exploring at new parties, such as theirs.


And apparently, all the seduction is working.

Reddit user SlightlyConfused16, wrote a post titled “I’m a Bernie Sanders supporter, but I will vote Gary Johnson in the general over Hillary Clinton.” Arg6642 as well wrote a post titled “Well Guys, I’m thinking about hopping on the Johnson train! I have some questions though.


In fact, the list goes on, with Sanders voters coming to the r/GaryJohnson subreddit to voice their support.

Some have taken to Twitter to voice their hop onto the Libertarian party candidate’s side.

There’s no telling how large the membership of the Libertarian party will get once ex-Sanders voters swell its ranks, but the potential for growth is there. If Johnson gains any more momentum, we could see a good performance from the 3rd party on the debate stage itself.


Last reports saw support for Johnson at 10%, and 15% is needed to reach the debate stage where he will be up against Trump and Clinton. With 24% of people looking for a third option to fill the void, seeing that Johnson is even there may boost his base’s girth.

It should be noted, however, that Trump is trying to court Sander’s voters as well, though not as vigorously as Johnson.

We’ll find out sooner than later how Sander’s disappearance from the race will help Johnson, but by the look of the body politic, it’s ready for him.


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