Dear Hillary Clinton, We're Now In the 13th Month of Record Firearm Background Checks

My buddy Stephen Gutowski over at Free Beacon has been keeping track of some stats revolving around firearms for a while. Needless to say, he’s drug up some interesting facts and figures over time.

Gutowski has been keeping track of how many background checks have occurred over the year, and as he reports, May hit another all time high.

The FBI completed a record 1,870,000 checks through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, this May, according to an agency report. That’s almost 300,000 more checks than May of 2015, which set a record at the time.

It is also nearly a million more checks than May 2008.

While he notes that May did not break 2 million, as other months have, he says that this is due to a lull in gun sales, but that 2016 is still on track to being a record breaking year.

This is exciting news, but what’s more is that it flies in the face of Hillary Clinton and the left, who claim that many people are getting guns via loopholes of every shape and form. In truth, NICS is being flooded with federal background checks on the daily.

Oh, and there are no loopholes like the ones Clinton likes to mention.

Of course, we have the likes of Clinton and Obama to thank for such an increase in gun sales that result in these background checks. Aside from the left’s praise of the Australian gun ban, Clinton herself just yesterday refused to acknowledge the Second Amendment right to bear arms, and instead went on about applying regulations.

If she’s as on track to be our next President as some polls show, then we can expect to see even more gun sales, resulting in more background checks, and disproving Hillary’s sensationalism, as the election continues.