Gary Johnson Courts Sanders Voters and Lost Republicans Before Slamming Trump

It’s not looking good for Sanders. Then again, it never did. The Democratic establishment was never going to let Sanders win. Now with Hillary on the horizon, many disaffected Democrat voters find themselves unable and unwilling to vote for their party’s pick for President, and so find themselves wandering outside the party looking for answers.

And there they find Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party, who is more than willing to bring them into the fold.

In a recent interview, Johnson said that when it comes to comparing himself with politicians outside of the Libertarian party, Sanders ends up being someone he aligns with closely, especially on social issue.

“I think there’s a real connection there, and that would be really regarding social issues. The inequality, how the system is rigged, let’s stop dropping bombs, let’s legalize marijuana,” said Johnson.

Watch the video here.

Johnson also had a message for the erstwhile Republicans who are also seeking a new candidate to get behind, and also some harsh words about Trump.

“Look, we are about smaller government. That’s the most important issue that there is, and that ultimately that’s more freedom.” said Johnson. “When you don’t have to fear the government, that’s liberty. When citizens live in fear of the government, that’s tyranny. And that’s where we’re headed with Donald Trump.”

The Libertarian party, and namely Gary Johnson, have been seeing a pretty massive upswing in support now that the primaries are wrapping up. In fact, the increase has been rather impressive, as I’ve noted before in detail, membership is up 20 times that of last year, and even funding has gone up significantly.

And it’s only set to continue to increase. If Johnson can win over Sanders voters, as well as disaffected republicans, the Libertarian may have a significant showing this election season. More so than many before.

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