Sanders Dodges Socialism's Effects On Venezuela During Interview

Bernie Sanders, avowed socialist – er, sorry – “democratic socialist,” loves to talk about how corporations are bad, people are getting screwed over, something about the big banks, and something about Disney…I dunno, I tune out most of the time.

Point is, he likes to talk a lot about the evils of capitalism. Even his website reads like a college freshman’s communist manifesto. But if there’s one thing Bernie doesn’t like to talk about, it’s the effects of socialism. Namely on socialist countries like Venezuela.

In a sit down interview with Univision, Sanders was asked about Venezuela’s collapse under socialism, to which Bernie replied…

That’s right. He didn’t reply. Sanders danced away from the question so fast, I was actually impressed. I wasn’t even mad.

Sanders ran away, because Venezuela is the end result of his policies. When even has to fess up to the fact that big government is destroying the country due to its disastrous socialist policies, you start to look a little foolish for backing the system.

Which is why Sanders dismissed the question as fast as it was asked. Sanders policies can’t work. Even in his own state of Vermont, they don’t work. Private sector jobs are down 1.2%, while government jobs – which taxpayers have to pay for – are up 7.5%. Once you graduate high school in Vermont, you leave for another state with jobs.

I hope Sanders gets asked about Venezuela every time he’s sat down for an interview. Watching the man squirm was nothing short of good televisión.