PANIC: Florida Planned Parenthood Evacuated Due to Unknown Substance Called "Baby Food"

According to Sarasota County PD, the local Planned Parenthood was evacuated due to exposure to an unknown, terrifying chemical that could be harmful to those who may have come near, or in contact with, known as “baby food.”


While no details are currently available as to the kind of substance, it could be anything from apple sauce, to mashed peas.

To make sure no one was hurt, two hazmat teams responded, and a number of people have already been taken to the hospital to be evaluated. According to the Sarasota County Twitter, the 7 that were exposed to this deadly substance are reportedly having breathing problems.

My God…

Fire and Police crews have cleared out 38 victims of the baby food spill, and currently have an ongoing investigation that Sarasota is reporting is not currently a criminal investigation. However, some super sleuths have already gotten down to the bottom of it.


A few of the commentators from Talking Points Memo have offered amazing insight as well.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.12.59 PM

Right wing Christian terrorism indeed!


This horrible concoction known as “baby food” has caused panic within Planned Parenthood, as such materials indicates the presence of the abortion providers worst enemy, the common infant.

We here at RedState pray that those affected by the devastating effects of the baby food have a swift recovery, and are able to move on from such a horrifying experience. We also hope that the devious, right wing Christians who have surely done such a horrid thing are captured and punished to the full extent of the law. Maybe even further.

Remember folks, there is nothing funny about baby food. It sent 7 people to the hospital today.

God be with us all.

UPDATE: According to the Herald Tribune, the panic was caused by opened cleaning supplies in a closet, which have since been removed. Police say the baby food was likely spilled in the stairwell during the evacuation. Employees are expected to be able to return to the building today.


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