Target CEO Doubles Down On Transgender Bathroom Policy

In an interview with CNBC Target’s CEO, Brian Cornell, told Squawk Box that he believes Target was right to pass the policies it did, and that he stands by them despite pressure from the thousands who have decided to boycott the store in light of the controversy.


“We took a stance,” he said. “We’re going to continue to embrace our belief in diversity and inclusion, just how important that is to our company. But we’re also going to make sure our focus on safety is unwavering.”

While I’ll defend Target’s ability to decide what they can do with their own stores, I fail to see how Target’s CEO can square a commitment and focus on safety by opening up their bathrooms to a practice that is clearly not safe.

As I’ve pointed out before, it’s not the transgender people I’m worried about when it comes to these bathrooms, it’s those who would pretend to be transgender in order to gain access to women and girls at their most vulnerable. We know this will happen, because it’s already happened multiple times. Target even welcomes it.

However, in what I’m 99% certain was a wholly scripted, but horribly practiced statement, Cornell has declared that he and Target show no sign of walking back on their horrible idea.


What they are doing, however, is installing family (unisex) bathrooms within their locations. I’m not sure how this will attract any customers back, as the threat of the predator is still going to be present, and this might just end up setting Target even further back financially. As we’ve reported before, they aren’t doing so hot as it is.

Add onto this that the petition to boycott the store has reached 1,200,000 signatures. The free market is speaking, and Target isn’t listening.




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