Rubio Compares Trump to 3rd World Strongman

Rubio Compares Trump to 3rd World Strongman

He’s out of the race, but he still had a pretty solid view of it. In an interview with Jake Tapper, Rubio remarked that he noticed how much Trump reminds him of a 3rd world strongman.

‘Yeah, here’s what happens in many countries around the world. You have a leader that emerges, and basically says “Don’t put your faith in yourselves. Don’t put your faith in society. Put your faith in me. I’m a strong leader, and I’m going to make things better all by myself.”

This is very typical in the 3rd world. You see it a lot in Latin America – for decades. Basically the argument he’s making is that he, single handedly, is going to turn the country around. We’ve never been that kind of country.’


Rubio’s remarks are chilling, given their accuracy. Someone like Trump, who puts on a tough guy persona that attracts a cult-like following, would ride roughshod over whatever checks and balances are in his way in order to see his will done.

He’s already given to making promises that run afoul of the constitution.  As Damon Root noted at

Here’s a question for you to puzzle over. Can you name the single most unconstitutional thing Donald Trump has proposed or endorsed so far in the 2016 presidential race?

Not an easy question to answer, is it? Do you start with Trump’s efforts to suppress immigration by gutting the 14th Amendment? Or do you perhaps point to Trump’s long war on the Fifth Amendment and its protections for property rights, as exemplified by Trump’s embrace of boundless eminent domain powers for the government and Trump’s own shameful record of seeking to personally profit when government officials seize homes and businesses and then hand the bulldozed land over to crony capitalist real estate developers?

The Constitution is the law of the land, and if Trump’s disdain for a few amendments makes him think it’s okay to power through them – as his promises would have him do – then I hate to think how much respect he has for the entire thing.

“The President works for the people, not the people for the President,” said Rubio. “And if you listen to the way he describes himself, and what he’s going to do – he’s going to single handedly do this and do that – without regard to whether it’s legal or not.”

Rubio’s comments may seem like the words of an angry former foe, but the accuracy of them should worry you.

Edit: This video IS from March 13th, but the idea that Rubio would “quietly lobby” a VP spot under Trump seems rather farfetched after he said this less than two months ago.

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