Hillary Clinton Has Come a Courtin'...the Right.

Amidst the flames of burned up voting cards, and public declarations of disassociation, Trump has already begun to look for help to defeat Hillary elsewhere by dipping into leftist sentiments in order to pad his base. He’s already said he’s open to raising the minimum wage, and Carson recently informed the Wall Street Journal that Trump would consider bringing a Democrat on as VP.


Admittedly, it’s a solid tactic, as Trump’s willingness to zig right directly after he zagged left, and visa-versa, is the only way he can consolidate a vote large enough to threaten Hillary. After he and his supporters chased off the rest of the Republicans, what choice does he have?

But he might not be the only one willing to walk across the aisle to get votes. Recently, Hillary Clinton and her supporters have been making interesting moves that might bring some of the disaffected right to her side.

Recently, Hillary took time out in an interview with the L.A. Times to name Megyn Kelly and Carly Fiorina in particular as those who were unfairly accused by Trump of using a “woman card” to gain votes.

The whole idea of “playing the woman card,” which he charged I was doing, and by extension other women were doing, has just lit a fire under so many women across the country. And I think it’s because they see his attacks on me, or Megyn Kelly or Carly Fiorina or whoever else he’s attacking at the moment as really a much broader attack on them. I think we are going to be pushing back and drawing the contrast whenever he does that. Because it’s just absolutely beyond the pale. He’s not going to get away with it, at least going forward.

It’s interesting that she named two right wing women, one of whom was a fan favorite running for President, and was named as running-mate to Ted Cruz.


Then Hillary released this video, not only highlighting the fracture within the Republican party, but using the comments and highlights of #NeverTrump favorites.

It doesn’t stop at just wording and videos from Hillary. Her allies have begun approaching Republican donors as well. Though namely Bush donors for now, I imagine that Hillary won’t stop there. With some on the right declaring that they would rather help Hillary get elected than help Trump, there’s no doubt that the Clinton campaign will try to capitalize on this with some extra capital.

As reported by Politico:

Two major Bush donors who received calls from Clinton supporters said they would not switch their allegiance to the likely Democratic nominee despite misgivings about Trump’s ability to win and his rhetoric on trade, immigration and government spending. But both suggested it was a smart play for Clinton supporters to try and peel off establishment Republicans who might otherwise grudgingly support Trump.

Even Bush wouldn’t go that far.

This donor added that Jeb Bush would not likely direct his donors to help Clinton in any way. “As much as Jeb hates Trump, and he really does hate Trump, he doesn’t want to help Hillary.”


I can say with some certainty that the vast majority of disaffected, and former Republicans won’t lift a finger to help Clinton, despite claims that not wanting to help Trump must mean so. We have no intention of avoiding electing a Democrat in Republican clothing, only to elect a Democrat who’s honest about it.

But while Donald likely needs all the help he can get – even if he gets it from leftists like himself – Hillary may not, and definitely has the upper hand in this fight. While both she and Donald have sky-high unfavorability ratings, Donald’s his much higher, and likely won’t attract the moderates Hillary is courting, even to the moderates on the right.




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