Trump Open To "Lyin'" Ted Cruz As His Pick for VP

Looks like “Daddy” might be looking to get his loyalists a step-Daddy, and in the form of none other than Lyin’ Ted.

“Would you consider Ted Cruz in your administration? Would you consider that?” asked O’Reilly.

“Well, he’s certainly a capable guy,” responded Trump. “So it’s something we can think about. It’s a little bit soon to think about it too much. It just happened less than 24 hours ago, but it’s certainly something we would think about.”

Trump supporters may or may not go along with such a pick, as the fight between Trump and Cruz was nothing short of brutal, but full reversals are nothing new within the Trump campaign. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Donald of now defy the Donald of 5 minutes ago.

While I doubt he’ll actually settle on Cruz, some believe that tapping one of his former foes may bring some of the Republican strays back home. Candidates, especially Cruz, should understand that hitching their wagon to Trump won’t make many of us like Trump any better, but will make us dislike them more.

And after all the holding-the-fort done from Cruz’s supporters, who endured insults and disappointments at the hands of Trump and his rabid followers, it would feel like a real slap in the face to go through all that just to find themselves on the same team with them.

Still, the chances of a Cruz VP pick is slim. The wounds are still a little sore for many, likely Cruz and Heidi, who had endured attacks of her own. My bet is we may see Cruz respond with a hard “no” pretty soon.

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