BREAKING: Rumors Cruz To Announce Carly Fiorina As VP ... CONFIRMED

Wednesday afternoon, it’s been reported that Cruz intends to make an announcement with none other than Carly Fiorina being the subject.

Out of WMUR:

‘Sources confirmed to WMUR political director Josh McElveen and political reporter John DiStaso that Fiorina, who has been a supporter of Cruz for several weeks, will be the focus of the announcement that Cruz intends to make in Indiana Wednesday afternoon.’



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This has been speculated about ever since Fiorina endorsed Cruz as her Presidential pick back in March, and rumors only became more solid as time went on. After Tuesday’s steamrolling, Cruz’s campaign could use a real shot in the arm, and while some might call this a desperate move, there may be more method to Cruz’s madness than some might think.

With the California primary coming up in June, it’s good to remember that Fiorina won the 2010 U.S. Senate primary before being defeated by Barbara Boxer. Whether her inclusion onto the Cruz ticket will have any effect in the Indiana primary in May, time will only tell.

While Fiorina has a fair share of criticism aimed at her, and her successes and failures at HP are hotly debated, many respect her business acumen. Some viewed her as the other CEO in the race, and one far more learned and professional than Trump. She wasn’t often the first pick of many planning to vote Republican, but she often ranked within the top three.


It should also be noted that a Cruz/Fiorina ticket would also strip Hillary of one of the sharper arrows in her quiver; the fact that she’s a woman. With Fiorina providing something of an alternative, Clinton could no longer use women’s issues to hit Cruz with half as effectively. Fiorina would be able to counterpoint Clinton’s claims right from within Cruz’s campaign.



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