Melissa Click Might Be Mentally Ill

My friend, and colleague, Ashe Schow released a gem today about everyone’s favorite fired University professor, Melissa Click, making a really fun new excuse as to why she was terminated. If I’m not mistaken this makes the 4th excuse, but I can’t be sure. She changes them more often than the average person does their underwear.


“The Chronicle paraphrased her as saying she was fired to send a message that the university and state of Missouri wouldn’t tolerate black people standing up to white people.” writes Schow. “I don’t see how that would result in a white person getting fired, but then nothing this woman — a former assistant professor of communications — has said in this episode makes much sense.”

I’d like to add to this. I posit that sense wasn’t the point here. If Click cared about sense, she’d have accepted the guilt, and bowed out of the public spotlight. But she didn’t. She didn’t because she can’t, and it’s because there is something wrong with her.

You’ll recall that Click was fired because she assaulted a student, and called for muscle to force said student journalist out of a protest rally being held on the Missouri campus. Click was charged with assault, and consequently fired, because that’s what rightfully should happen to professors who do that to students.

It’s a common sense move by the University – and we see so few nowadays – but Click’s reasoning for her termination has gone full on conspiracy theorist. It’s never about her gross misconduct, but about the man out to get her, and the minorities she bravely assaulted a student for.

Let’s look at her claims. First it was because the college wanted to distract from the injustices occurring at Mizzou, then it was because they were trying to appease conservatives, now it’s because she’s white, but also because they were trying to send the message that black people shouldn’t argue with white people.


Let’s gloss over that the student she assaulted was an Asian guy that she claimed she thought had a gun, and that she is the one attacking minorities. No, let’s instead focus on the fact that with every passing day, Click invents more reasons as to why she was fired that puts the blame as far away from herself as possible. Let’s, instead, focus on the fact that she says she was fired because she was white, while simultaneously holding the social justice belief of “white privilege.” Let’s explore, instead, the fact that she immediately contradicts herself by saying that her firing was a warning to black people that arguing with white people will result in consequences.

Click seems to be suffering from some sort of hysteria, but it’s a commonly shared hysteria amongst those that subscribe to the social justice ideology. A folie à plusieurs.

You can see it in things such as the wage gap myth, where women march against the unfairness of being paid less than a man, while not giving any credence to the fact that women tend to take more time off, and work less than men. It doesn’t matter that women are at fault for it, the point is that women can be at fault for nothing. Therefore, social justice feminists have to find a patsy villain. For them, it’s the patriarchy.

For the cry-bullies, the negative reactions they received were never because they lashed out at people, labeled them, and tried to interfere in their lives or hobbies. No, it was because they were women, or they were trans, or people are just mean to them for no reason. You can see these examples in social justice warriors like Anita Sarkeesian, Brianna Wu, and Zoe Quinn respectively.


For click, it’s every social justice cliche she can summon. First it’s political, now it’s racial, and soon we’ll see that it’s because she’s a woman. None of this is true, but Click, and her social justice comrades, truly believe they are victims who have done nothing wrong. They seek these excuses because should reality ever catch up, their entire world would view would collapse.

And not just their personal world view, but it would be one more hole punched into the narrative they’ve crafted. Deep down they know it’s a lie, but they have to do everything in their power to run as fast as they can away from it. They have to craft a world around themselves that must be maintained at all costs. There must be safe spaces, and no-platforming for differing ideas. There must be violence if necessary, but no matter what, that bubble must not burst.

This causes something of a shared psychosis amongst social justice adherents that drives them into the madness. We laugh at it. Hell, I know I do.

But this is a very real issue. Social justice warriors, like Click, may very well be mentally ill. It’s an illness of their own making that reduces their level of thinking to that of children, and blatantly lie with so much religious zeal that they don’t realize they’re doing it. Any introduction to the truth or opposition results in often nonsensical, and sometimes explosive responses. See reactions to Ben Shapiro, or Milo Yiannopolous showing up to speak at a University.


We call social justice warriors such as Click “crazy,” but they just might actually be.


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