Cruz Attacks Trump On Caving To Political Correctness

On a list of things Cruz could attack Trump for, the one that could probably hit the hardest is Trump’s claim that he’s the anti-PC candidate. Not surprisingly, the moment an opportunity opened up, Cruz took it.


Recently, Trump weighed in on the controversial trans bathroom issue that has sparked a nationwide fight, Speaking on the issue, Trump said transgendered people should “use the bathroom they feel appropriate.

Wasting little time, Ted Cruz responded with a new ad, spearing Trump right in the middle of his anti-PC heart.

This may be seen as an attempt to seem like a laid back guy, but Cruz is probably more right than not. When first asked about the issue, Trump couldn’t even come up with a cogent answer, but here we now see him completely falling in step with the cause célèbre. Who he’s trying to win points with here, I’m not sure, but it’s certainly not a good chunk of the Republican right, who have been seen to side with North Carolina on this issue.

As I’ve discussed before, there’s very little good that could come out of allowing men in women’s restrooms. While trans people themselves may not be the issue, it would only make it easier for creeps, and perverts to claim transgenderism to gain access to women and girls.


That Cruz has now positioned himself as the resistance to this PC push for open bathrooms puts Donald in something of an interesting position, and one he hasn’t found himself on since this election began. Likely, Trump will “clarify” what he meant by completely flip-flopping as usual. If he doesn’t, he may have to double down on his position, and thus alienating even more Republican voters away from him, but gaining nods from the LGBT community, who likely won’t vote for him anyway.



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