Watch The Greatest Ad Against Trump That Has Ever Been Released

In a brilliant move from Fox News’s Red Eye, a new ad for Ted Cruz was just released, and it may be better than pretty much every other ad we’ve seen. Why? Because it speaks to to everyone else who was on the fence about Cruz, and gives them a very compelling reason to vote for him.


The reason? He’s not Trump.

The “I don’t know, not Trump tho” crowd will likely be won over by this awe inspiring ad about the life of the man who is not Trump, and how not Trump plans to lead this country into greatness, all the while maintaining the virtue of being not Trump.


I have to agree. If there’s anyone left in this race that I respect, it’s not Trump. Everyday, thousands of us wake up hoping our next President is not Trump, and that’s why our hope for the future of this party, and great nation, rests now with a man who is not Trump. In reality, we’re all looking for the one who has real conservative values about things such as the economy, religious freedom, and free speech. The only one left on that stage is not Trump…and also not Kasich, who is still there for some reason.

Is not Trump the perfect candidate? No, but at least he’s not Trump.

Shoutout to the guys at Red Eye for making a campaign video that actually made me laugh. It’s a good change of pace from everything else, which is just making me drink. Honestly, Cruz could probably coast through the rest of his campaign off of this video alone.




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