Black Lives Matter Confronts Bill Clinton, and Bill Clinton Confronts Back

Wherever one or more Clintons speak, there will Black Lives Matter be also.

Few things are more interesting than watching a spider and scorpion duke it out to see which disgusting creature wins, and it’s a similar feeling I get when I watch leftist politicians battle it out with groups they hitherto assumed belonged to them. For instance, when Black Lives Matter (BLM) interrupts Sanders or Clinton.


Usually it involves BLM putting some annoying, but grand display as they barge their way into somebody else’s limelight, and then that politician will politely concede to these idiot’s points, and tell them that their voice matters.

But it would appear that this time they bothered the wrong guy.

During a speech to promote Hillary, Bill Clinton was unsurprisingly interrupted by BLM. They didn’t get the response I imagine they were looking for however, as instead of capitulating to their antics, he fired back.

“This is what’s the matter.” said Clinton the 1st, pointing to BLM member’s signs. “I don’t know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13 year old kids hopped up on crack, and sent them out onto the street to murder other African-American children. Maybe you thought they were good citizens, she didn’t.”

“You are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter!” Clinton added.

Watch the whole exchange here.

Throughout the video, Clinton handles every claim thrown at him by BLM with a smile, and utilizes the pro-Hillary crowd to shout the opposition down. Even managing to defend his record while still stumping for his wife.


“Tell them what you think!” he said to his audience.

While I have no love for any Clinton, he has proven once again that he is an infinitely better politician than Hillary, who seems to be a passenger on her own campaign. Bill keeps his cool when pressure is applied, while Hillary can’t be questioned without responding through her clenched teeth.

But sticking it to BLM is something everyone can enjoy watching, even if you feel like I do about Bill. This group has gotten out of control, especially on campuses where they’ve been intimidating students and faculty alike. If I have to watch them be made fools of, even at the hands of a Clinton, I’ll take it.


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