Conscientious Shopping at Your Fingertips: New Phone App Helps Avoid Woke Products

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Now, you can navigate the store shelves with confidence as your phone helps you pin down the woke products and spend your money appropriately.

In recent years, we have seen more companies deciding to step into the social activism arena, to much fanfare in the press, and much consternation for half of their customer base. We have cataloged many of these misguided moves here at RedState, whether it is Disney’s ongoing failed offerings, Target stores repeatedly making virtue-signaling announcements, or this spring delivering the marketplace meltdown of the Bud Light brand over transgender activism.


It has now become routine to hear voices from either side of the political aisle to pronounce how a particular brand or company should become the target of boycotts for one perceived social aggression or another. More and more often, we hear from those discussing the importance of voting with your wallet.

It was because of this expansion in woke sell methods that a while ago at my parody social media account, I jokingly made a post stating that a phone app was developed. In response to the media becoming enraged at the Trump White House with their endorsement of the Goya Foods Company, I said that you could scan food items with your phone and purchase in peace.

Well, as we have been experiencing more often, satire is losing some of its venom, as crackpot proposals someone might make in jest become adapted as reality. There is, in fact, a company that has produced just such a service to help us shop with a guilt-free grocery list. The phone app Veebs is here to guide us in locating the brands that support our viewpoints. 


Change starts by making values based shopping a priority. Understand the brands that are in your everyday life and the products that you purchase most often. Change starts with you. Look through your refrigerator and shelves, under the sink, and in your bathroom medicine cabinet.

You can even tailor your shopping experience with structured choices of the app. The free version will give you the ability to scan products, draw up a list, and filter by store. The paid premium version also provides you with a values-based scoring system and will even make appropriate brand suggestions if you encounter a problematic product.

This is a broad-based app, as they have social media accounts set up for shoppers on both sides of the social spectrum. Our leftist friends can shop with Veebs-LGBTQ, for example, or Veebs-Social Justice. On the right, you can find options such as Veebs-America First and Veebs-Support Veterans.


So, there you have it. You can now take the hour you spend shopping for your weekly supplies and stretch that out to a three-hour experience, as you systematically scan each item to find out what they believe in and whether that comports with your views. That is, after you drive an extra 30 minutes to find the store that aligns with your political views, after fueling up at the vegan gas station.


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