The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: When the Only Rioters Are the Media

Your source to mainline mainstream media misdeeds and misbehavior.

To say the speculation of an arrest of former President Donald Trump had the media complex is an excitable frenzy is an understatement. Days of breathless coverage led to a media stampede over to Manhattan on Monday in order to cover the Trump protestors who were assured to become rioters. And then they realized the only people to arrive were reporters. Once again, they were so sure of their biased projections that they ended up embarrassing themselves.

Meanwhile, in Florida, there was another story regarding drag shows and Ron DeSantis, which were the only components needed for a story. No need to conduct an investigation into the details or commit journalism, this is a story that writes itself. Of course, once actual reporting is done the entire story becomes something else.

Also, over at CNN the morning show melodrama continues with the contentious Don Lemon creating more problems, and there is sheer hilarity as the Trump-obsessed New York Times wonders how it is that Donald Trump remains a fixture in the news.

Now crack one open and savor some mainstream media malpractice and malarky.



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