The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Lab Leak Cries, DeSantis Lies, and Ken Burns Gets a Failing Grade in History

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Your source to mainline mainstream media misdeeds and malarky.

This episode we focus on quite a bit of media dysfunction. First, we look at how the Wuhan lab leak theory has the press complex entirely off balance, following years of these experts killing that story. Even as they attempt to justify their decision and explain away their inaction, we get evidence from inside CNN showing the network being instructed to kill off the story effectively.

Then, because this is an obsessive press corps we are covering, there is plenty of DeSantis dysfunction on display, with more lies about Florida, and more corrections needing to take place. Then Governor Ron pulls off a cagey display on the press itself, getting them to react to unacceptable content that he has spotted in schools. And finally, there will be something of a history lesson as vaunted documentary director Ken Burns is on CNN and in his need to lecture about DeSantis delivers some fractured history that demands corrections.

Now, crack one open and savor some mainstream media malfeasance and malpractice.



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