The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Looking Ahead at the State of the Media in 2023

Your source to mainline the mayhem, misdeeds, and malpractice in the mainstream media.

For this first episode of the new year, I’m taking an overview of the current state of the nation’s press industry. The once, possibly questioned position of the media being biased and in favor of one side has, by today, been shown to be a provably accurate summation. The Twitter Files have, in particular, seen the press exposing itself as a biased apparatus, as they contort and avoid the story as much as possible.

Additionally, I saw something positive come out of the incident from the Monday Night Football game, where Damar Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest. There were numerous reactions seen that defy the gulf we are told is developing in the country. As a sign of the media troubles, I look at a couple of newly-displayed pieces of evidence this could be a rough year for the press.

One example of the warped media sensibilities comes from NPR, offering up a new crackpot theory involving Qanon. Then we also have a shining example of the press being married to a narrative absent the facts, with a screwball claim made in a field report from the Capitol for MSNBC.

Now, crack one open and savor some mainstream media mayhem.



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