The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: The Press Over-Estimates Elon's Guilt, Implodes Over Colorado Shooting; Cheney's Reign on J-6C Ends

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Your source to mainline mainstream media manipulations and malpractice.

“Malpractice” is a word I will use at times to describe journalism failings, but the term certainly applies to what we have seen over the past week in the wake of the shooting in Colorado. For days, we saw the press declaring definitively that commentary from the right was the cause of a shooting that took the lives of a number of LGBT𝜋 members. A wide number of politicians and commentators from the right were condemned as being responsible, without any evidence offered. Then came word that the shooter claims to be non-binary, and the unraveling took place across the media spectrum.

In additional happenings, Liz Cheney has seemingly worn out her figurehead position on the January 6 Committee, an executive editor at Business Insider brags about not practicing basic journalism, and misinformation maven Nina Jankowitz segues in her career by now registering as a foreign agent to combat false narratives — here in the States.

Now, crack one open and savor some mainstream media mayhem.




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