The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: A Look at How Misinformation Only Derives From One Location

Your source to mainline mainstream media misdeeds and malpractice

For this episode, I take a look at some recent misinformation, but more than just the content itself. I also analyze how it is measured in the press, the way it is classified by journalists to fit their agendas, and also how they traffic in it themselves, all while accusing others of being the guilty parties.

I start with the case of a news item currently floating around social media that has been described as…inaccurate. But curiously, the angry calls of this being misinformation are not heard, and the way it is addressed is rather telling. See, when it is discovered that celebrities and some left-of-center politicians are the guilty parties, suddenly guilt is not assumed. There is a calm call for those people to be more careful when sharing information. When someone of the right is found doing the same, they are instantly accused, their actions are declared intentional, and a dire threat to our democracy is declared.

There is a similar ploy in place with two other major stories, the Paul Pelosi attack, and the Maricopa County voting incompetence. In both cases, we have the press engaged in questionable practices and delivering misinformation, and also in both, it is said those on the right are the ones guilty of delivering false information. It is a convenient dodge by the press, but not a successful one.

Now crack one open and savor some mainstream media malfeasance.


Editor’s Note: RedState also reported on the Iranian protester situation, based on Newsweek’s article. Newsweek has since issued a correction to its reporting and RedState’s article has been updated to reflect that correction. 


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