For Comic Relief, a Look at Some of the Most Cringe-inducing Campaign Ads Seen This Year

After being flooded with persistent calls for attention from candidates here are some of the worst campaign ads that cannot be ignored.

In the waning days of this election cycle, the flood of political commercials is reaching high-water levels and the spigots on donation troughs are opened all the way. As we strive to overlook and bypass these entreaties it is fun to look back over the year and see some of the worst examples that were paid for, and have a laugh at their expense.


Brandon brought together a few instances of the desperate Dems dancing on Tik Tok to garner attention. It is as rough to see as expected. At the site of Beto attempting to gyrate, I am wagering he has recently changed his pronouns.

To start, there is a John Fetterman spot circulating on social media currently that deserves attention. It is actually from a local campaign of his from 2016 but it serves as an opener here, both in setting the tone for the article and for displaying that some of the man’s challenges are not able to be blamed on a stroke.

Here is his odd stealing from the famed Mean Joe Greene Coca-Cola commercial. I would have guessed stealing an ad featuring a Steelers player would not work in Philadelphia Eagles territory, but what do I know?

Over in Utah Linda Paulson has dreams of reaching the state senate, and she seems to think the way to win over the conservative base is through the use of hip-hop stylings. Paulson earned a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in 2007. Her career experience includes working as a homemaker.


The GOP challenger to Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan is Tudor Dixon, and she shared another infamous spot that was made by a local Republican office. A group of bikers stands in a semi-circle and recites lines in a hilariously stilted fashion. Stick around for the white-haired Harley enthusiast in the leather vest who breaks the fourth wall to mutter. “Gram died alone!”

Also in that state is a former opponent of Whitmer from 2018, Shri Thanedar. The state representative has his eye on Congress, OR he might be making a bid to star in a mid-season replacement sit-com.

In a painful piece of get-out-the-vote lobbying, a Jewish organization brought on Bill Kristol and actor Billy Crystal to banter in an allegedly comedic skit on Zoom. It is downright groan-provoking to see this forced routine, and I have watched it repeatedly.


Meanwhile, here in Florida, we have a no-nonsense, take-no-guff politician ready to take office and displace those damned infant-snuggling Democrats. You can be assured if we place Ted Edwards in office that we will be getting a man who will leave your babies alone. Ted is a man of action and results, and kissing babies will be the LAST thing on his mind!

Now to Colorado, where Michael Bennet strives to sell his outdoor bona fides. We get a lecture from a river bed where a fishing guide lays out the reasons to vote for Bennet, complete with fishing puns, like “don’t take the bait.” The guide claims to not be a Democrat, though it was revealed he is a county commissioner appointed by the Democrat governor. Axios learned the millionaire poser obtained a one-day fishing license to shoot the commercial.
His closing line of “I approve this message, and I caught that fish!” is pure gold.

A successful campaign means distinguishing yourself from your opponent, and Russel Fry wants to show his opponent Tom Rice as a bad guy. The best way to do this is to stage a Villains Anonymous meeting, where an actor playing Rice is seated in a circle along with a pirate, the Devil, and Maleficient. The group is headed by The Joker, from “The Dark Knight”. Tom Rice is unacceptable to even these do-badders.


Just in time for Halloween, we get this chiller of a spot from Oklahoma, where a conservative PAC is focused on Governor Kevin Stitt. The issue of crime and releasing hardened criminals is certainly on the ballot in many areas, but the GOP outfit is not playing. What better way to drive the point home than with multiple homicides and cannibalism?! Yes, Stitt is THAT bad, folks!

In Louisiana, Gary Chambers is running for the Senate, and one of his platform issues is the legalization of marijuana. Now it stands to reason that he would mention his position in a campaign ad, but it has to be seen as novel that he was willing to go to the length of smoking a blunt on camera.

The toughest thing for a new arrival in politics is to get noticed. Sarah Stogner understands this, so in her bid to win the role of Texas Railroad Commissioner, while facing a campaign with a G-string budget, she decided the best way to get exposure is to climb atop an oilfield pump jack, topless and pantsless. Say what you will, but I have looked into registering to vote remotely as a result…


Not to be outdone, Mike Itkis is running against Jerry Nadler, and Mike set out to prove he is not just giving voice to the issues but he is committed to them personally. He has a self-professed “sex-positive approach”, and one of his platform issues is the legalization of adult sex workers. To show his dedication to this cause Itkis went ahead and released his own sex tape, proving that he intends to fulfill his campaign promises.


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