The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Making a Mess of Hurricane Coverage, Biden's Cleanup Crew, and More Media Mayhem

Your source to mainline mainstream media mayhem.

It has been a full and active week for numerous reasons — and the press has been remarkably filled with distemper in all cases.

Hurricane Ian roared to life and slammed viciously into Florida’s west coast, but in the face of some real human tragedy, the press could not act like decent humans. There were complaints and criticisms of Governor Ron DeSantis and his handling of the storm — before it even made landfall. Being decent will always take a backseat to scoring political hits for some in the press environment.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had a tough go this week, from Kamala Harris praising the wrong foreign ally in the Koreas, to President Biden veering off on occasion (literally) to dropping his usual verbal hand grenades, Then there was the embarrassment of his looking for and calling out for a Congresswoman who had passed away just last month. Not to worry, the janitors in the press corps are here to clean up any media messes and tidy things up for the administration.

I will also explore how Italy has NOT elected a fascist, how Matt Gaetz going free has the press locked away in anger management, and how being conservative might mean you are not truly Hispanic.

Now crack one open and savor some media mayhem.




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