Feminism Has Come Full Circle as Their Tactics Are Eliminating Women

Women are being systematically subjugated by the tactics forced on us by feminism in the name of the sexual revolution.

In my weekly media mockery Pulitzer column, one of the entries concerned some sheer idiocy coming out of New Jersey. An inmate had to be transferred to a new prison following some unwarranted pregnancies being discovered. This was the result of a trans woman being held in a women’s prison, something that the ACLU had become involved in, ensuring that the inmate’s rights were respected. This impacted thinking was followed by the press report routinely insisting that it had been a woman that impregnated the female inmates.

These stories continue to crop up, and two reactions consistently follow each one: Why are we accepting such stupidity, and why are we erasing women on a regular basis? The reason for this is perfectly nonsensical, so it makes sense we are mostly dismayed by what we are watching play out in society: Feminism has led us to this stage of females becoming subjugated by the fractured social mores they have installed.

This unforeseen overrun of their gender has been abetted by the media, under the belief that the progressive movement had been served by this eradication of social guardrails. But instead of this leading to more avenues for progress, it has instead caused many to veer off course and turn back on those very categories which operated under the belief they controlled the outcome.

Initially, the feminist cause was to gain access to formerly restricted areas of society, doing so by inserting females into traditionally male-dominated realms, rather than through accomplishment. Shannon Faulkner became a national figure when she sued in order to be admitted into the all-male military academy, The Citadel. After winning her case and enrolling, Faulkner spent four days in the infirmary and then promptly walked out, going on to become a teacher. All of the arguments we had been served were exposed as a sham. Complaints about opportunities for women being denied were erased, and claims on how women were just as tough as males were contradicted by Faulkner saying her protracted court case had emotionally sapped her.

The military has been a focus of feminists to inject their cause, to the detriment of military standards. Feminists had long argued females could contest alongside men, and that the military would not become compromised with their admissions. Then some reality came to light. In some scenarios, it was discovered that the women were failing out at a similar point in basic training. The activists looked into the matter and discovered the hand grenade toss was commonly the skill that saw women failing out of basic training.

Lia Thomas
AP Photo/John Bazemore

It was alleged that the military had set unfair standards in order to exclude women. What they were facing was the reality of physics. The reason a 25-meter minimum threshold was established for that skill was so that the soldier would not be in the blast radius of the ordinance they were throwing. On a battlefield, the women would find themselves failing in a completely different fashion. Once this reality was recognized the military was compelled to alter its standards, despite the earlier promises of that never resulting. 

That has long been the biggest test for the feminists in their quest to battle back the patriarchy – reality. As a result, their solution was to come up with ways of altering the reality impeding their progress. Feminist Theory, and Third Wave Feminism, sought to remedy these roadblocks of reality – that differences in the sexes lead to what they saw as undesirable results – by altering reality. Their solution was to start tearing down the perceived norms of what compromises gender.

The driving force for this was to break down those implied social barriers that they felt were set in place due to the patriarchy. The idea was that social status was applied in many cases based on gender, and this meant that they needed to fracture what were considered gender norms. The overall miscalculation was that the feminists looked at this in only one direction. In order to break down many of the male-dominated issues they saw, they thought that the solution was to break down what has long been considered male standards. Where they ultimately failed in foresight is in fracturing those gender standards, they never considered that the alterations would flow in the other direction as well.

As a result of a generation of forced alterations to societal norms they are now facing a problem of their making, and a solution cannot be looked into because during that generational mutation, the feminists and activists have eliminated the arguments against the shifts. So focused were they on the goal of breaking down male-dominated sectors that they established firm rules against any opposition. Hate, intolerance, various phobias, and any other inequity were said to be the reasons for anyone to cling to the conventional gender roles. 

Now those very counterarguments have placed these feminists in check. The trans community has co-opted many of the efforts put in place and perfected them. All the arguments made to break apart traditional male standards and values are now being applied to female mores, and the feminists are very notably muted as men have invaded their realm. Women’s roles are being corrupted by the incursion of the very gender they intended to combat, and they have to sit back and take it, essentially, due to the very framework they constructed.

They cannot battle back as biological men compete and win at the Title-IX athletics in college, for instance. Anyone suggesting the natural physical advantage has to be regarded as retrograde in their thinking, and the fact that much of this resisting commentary emanates from the right leads to feminists actually defending the right of those who were born men to dominate women’s sports. 

Biden Surgeon General
Caroline Brehman/Pool via AP

In recent years, women have been prevented from vaunted roles as trans individuals are routinely touted in the compliant press. Feminism has paved the way for Caitlyn Jenner, Lia Thomas, and Rachel Levine to be considered Women of the Year. Institutions, with the aid of the press, have adopted these fractured standards, leading to tortured logic being applied. Doctors cannot call patients “women,” females can possess a penis, and there is a growing tide of people running with redefined labels such as “person capable of childbirth.”

Then we see the completely backward reality of women becoming diminished after they are being attacked. This new toxicity that has been permitted to flourish is severely undercutting what just very recently had been a pro-feminist cause. The #MeToo movement had been a significant tool for women to use to empower them and wield forceful change on behalf of their gender. Now we are seeing instances where women are being victimized and there is deference paid to their attackers. “Believe All Women” has been eclipsed by “Stop misgendering your rapist.” 

The way to battle back against this illogical emotional standards shift is to rely on pragmatism and common sense. One such method is seen here from some of the women (yes, I said it) writers of RedState. They are not only willing to stand up to the growing idiocy but they also use one of the methods that led us down this path. If we are subjected to these redefined standards, then Jennifer and Kira are doing the right thing – by redefining what is feminism.


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