The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: The Press Imports Lies Into Buffalo, Clouds the Baby Formula Issue, and More

Your source to mainline the mayhem in mainstream media.

Following the tragic Saturday attack in Buffalo, the press went into overdrive being insufferable and completely misrepresenting details in order to craft its own narrative. In other words, just another week in the press corps.

I’ll bring you a number of CNN figures outright misleading on the contents of the shooter’s writing in order to sell the public on a non-existent issue. They reference his manifesto as a form of proof, but as I’ll show, the details in that document defy what they claim.

I then go into specifics to show their feigned outrage at hate crime is nullified by a rash of other examples — from this week — where there was no such interest from the press, since the examples do not fit their narrative.

Then we’ll address the baby formula crisis, and how the desire in the press to defend President Biden is unraveled by facts. Also, we have more media desiring to force companies into abortion compliance, and a news outlet that is incapable of working, because of what is in the news. Yes, seriously.

Now, crack one open and enjoy some media mockery.




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