The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Press Pressures and Conflicting Condemnations - All While Psaki Pslithers Away

Your source to mainline the mayhem from the mainstream media.

Before embarking on your weekend, here is your last gasp of greatness. In this episode, I look into the press applying pressure on the video game industry to get their CEOs to come out in support of abortion, and what their motivation might be. One such executive takes a distinctly different approach.

Also on tap is the way the press properly condemns Vlad Putin for clamping down on press freedoms, all while cheering on Joe Biden installing similar efforts here at home.

And then, it is time for The Friday Document Dump™ with hits on Jen ‘Jumping Ship’ Psaki, Glenn ‘Crack Pipe’ Kessler, as well as ESPN and WaPo acting up to boot.

Now, crack one open and savor some media mockery.





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