Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Elon Evokes Emotional Outbursts, Lorenz Tayl-Spin Continues, and Psaki's Puppet

Your source to mainline the mayhem from mainstream media.

It is a fun week once again as the press is having a Musk emotional meltdown following the news his purchase of Twitter is going forward. It is rather telling that the media only sees bad news from this announcement, due to them seeing problems by exclusively focusing on those on the right. (Left-wing aggression and misinformation are not a concern, you see.)

Adding to the fun is Brian Stelter trying vainly to say it is too early to declare CNN+ a failure. I come up with some new numbers to show it is definitively a failure.

There are also some new wrinkles to the Taylor Lorenz dysphoria and her disaster of an article outing the Libs of TikTok, an infiltration of a conservative radio network by a board member from Media Matters, and then some mirth at Jen Psaki trying to say how the administration takes social media seriously. (Her Benny Drama skit says otherwise.)

Pop open a can, and enjoy a round of media mockery!






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