Just a Newspaper From a Major City Proposing Police State Tactics for the Flu, Nothing to Worry About

The Salt Lake Tribune cannot even pass this off on a guest columnist, as the editorial board delivered this rant of idiocy.

That the evolving COVID virus has the media tied up in knots is hardly debatable. In just the past few weeks, we have seen journalists touting messaging that months earlier saw people banned, governors who do not want to lord like dictators are being called fascist, and figures who tell us to follow science are lobbying to deplatform Joe Rogan for talking to doctors. People are losing their nut as their narratives are unraveling.


The latest example comes out of Utah where a major newspaper is proposing the government take action as a result of what it declares to be too much inaction from citizens. The Salt Lake Tribune cannot pass this off on a guest columnist either, as the paper had its editorial board put out a screed about the need to take drastic action in order to…do something, and make it seem they can stop this outbreak. 

What is amazing about this is that the bulk of this editorial is about concern and criticism.

That wan fluttering noise you hear coming from the direction of the Capitol building is the sound of the state of Utah waving the white flag of surrender in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s tragic. It’s disgraceful. And there is lots of blame to go around.

At issue primarily is that the state is lacking in COVID tests, a problem that should see criticism leveled at the Biden administration, but instead the blame is focused on “Government officials, mostly but not exclusively Republicans.” Eventually, though the paper is not just grousing about conditions, they also lend recommendations about what can be done. It is a rather drastic set of plans they have in store for the state.

It is with amusement that they introduce a plan with this phrase; “Were Utah a truly civilized place…” Just let marinate for a moment. What the paper is about to propose is something they claim to be civilized behavior. It is equal parts amusing and amazing, but here goes the crackpot scheme.


…The governor’s next move would be to find a way to mandate the kind of mass vaccination campaign we should have launched a year ago, going as far as to deploy the National Guard to ensure that people without proof of vaccination would not be allowed, well, anywhere.

Mandates are not enough. No, they want to deploy domestic troops to force citizens into house arrest for not complying with a mandate for a vaccine that we are seeing is not wholly effective against the Omicron variant. It is lunacy borne of emotional hysteria and one that is not even rooted in common sense. Where can these journalists point to examples of these draconian measures leading to success against the virus?

In Australia, they are arresting people and tossing them into encampments, and it has done nothing to stem the outbreak. China began the pandemic locking up infected citizens by welding the doors shut on their apartments; now they are locking down entire cities, and the country has fields of isolation chambers in numerous cities to contain the unclean gentry. 

The closest example to any measure of success has been New Zealand, a nation a fraction of our size and one where they basically unplugged the entire country. Now consider this dichotomy of irrational thought – the journalists who routinely think this lockdown of our citizens is justified are at the same time pledging to take no action whatsoever at our border, as unvaccinated entrants illegally run wild.


The absence of following facts and common sense almost demands revoking their right to work in journalism.


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