Jen Psaki Thinks She Schooled Male Reporter on Abortion, but There's a Problem

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Psaki’s biting answer earned her raves from the press, but it might defy the Biden administration’s own gender rules.

With no other controversial or dramatic events playing out across the world, the press has been getting worked up into a lather over Texas passing a new restrictive abortion law. There were far too many social media wizards making the claim that Afghanistan females had more rights now than US women. Then, there was Claire McCaskill on Meet The Press, having heart palpitations over the issue — not from the manliness of host Chuck Todd.


That is quite an ironic physical response to the Heartbeat Abortion Law. Here’s hoping she still has access to some women’s health care and can have that checked out appropriately.

This new law making the rounds in the press has drawn in the President of the United States as a result. Joe Biden’s infamous conflict of spirituality, as a pro-abortion Catholic, is once again coming to the foreground, leading to a question being brought up at the topic at today’s White House Press Briefing.

The reporter Owen Jensen, from the Catholic-based outlet EWTN, asked specifically about Joe Biden’s stance on abortion, and how he maintains that opinion when it runs in conflict with his faith.

As she responded to the question, Jen Psaki was very terse and direct.  “I know you have never faced those choices, nor have you ever been pregnant but for women out there who have faced those choices, this is a difficult thing.”


Psaki has been earning raves across the media spectrum for this, with journalists praising her for shutting down, schooling, snapping at, obliterating, and any other hyperbolic description of her response. Those on the left are just exuberant with the way Psaki addressed this devilish male, but they are not praising her for answering his question — because she did no such thing.

Once again, Jensen’s question had to do with Joe Biden’s stance on abortion in regards to his practiced religion. Jen Psaki trying to dismiss this, as a result of the reporter being a male, is a complete deflection with her bluster. His was technically not a question on abortion law but on faith. Psaki never came close to addressing that. But it does raise another specter.

If this male reporter has no agency on the issue, because he cannot get pregnant and does not have to personally face the issue, then this undercuts the very basis of this entire stance. The question was in regards to Joe Biden’s position on the issue. Now, after a quick scroll through the White House directory, it shows that Joe Biden is also himself determined to be a male. Then guess what that means, Jen and the media complex? If Joe is regarded as a male, then his opinion on abortion is to be discarded.

Let’s just keep this moment in our back pockets going forward. Anytime hence, a reporter invokes Joe Biden’s opinion on abortion in glowing terms we can cite today’s exchange: “Nope sorry — Joe is sporting ‘wedding tackle.’ Since he’s a man, he has no reasoning to weigh in on the matter.”


And the mess Ms. Psaki created is far from cleaned up — there is more. This distinction that she has called out, invalidating a reporter on the basis that he cannot get pregnant as a man, flies directly in opposition to pronouncements made by her own boss.

Recall, it was this past June when the Biden administration issued its proposed budget for the coming year, and in that document, they strove to make a new distinction that not just women could give birth. Oops!

Well now, how exactly does the administration reconcile this conundrum? They were the people who not only made the declaration of a gender-fluid impregnation process but they codified it, by inserting this definition into a federal document. The White House press secretary should be abreast of such an issue.

This amounts to some shameful intolerance on the part of Jen Psaki. She also assumed the reporter’s gender and denied his agency, if he were to ever endeavor on becoming pregnant someday. She needs to be forced to tender a resignation, and vacate her position by the end of the month — her ninth month at that job.




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