Morning Joe Caffeinated the Idiocy With a Panel of Congressional Thinkers

MSNBC’s a.m. gabfest Morning Joe is pretty dependable for some early day mirth. The cast of Democrat party devotees – including the hornless RINO Joe Scarborough – are dependably in the tank as they speak from their “Media Matters for America” screenplays. Their politician visits only deviate from the Dems for GOP contrarians like Liz Cheney or Adam Kinzinger, journalist contributors are predictably leftist, the bubble-thinking is a daily component, and the overall content is good for little more than getting tipped off what the day’s talking points will be on social media.


This morning was a landmark, however, as Morning Joe brought in two members of Congress, Rep.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Rep. Seth Moulton, and remarkably adding them to the roundtable of a half dozen folks managed to lower the collective IQ in the room. This is no slight accomplishment, as Joe and Mika normally create a cerebral vacuum all on their own, but this discussion about the call for high-speed rail drew down the already low figures.

The cause for this confab was that with the approach of Joe Biden’s mammoth infrastructure spending bill these two politicians have been on a mission to get trains added into the mix. Leave it to Democrats when faced with a record total attached to this bill mounting into the trillions of dollars their reaction is, “It really needs to be bigger.” Mika opened the discussion with polling data showing there is support for this bill, but there was no mention, of course, of the severe spike with inflation we have already experienced before printing more money for these efforts.

AOC was going on right from her own playbook about this being a need for the environment and union jobs. Moulton, when he was pimping for high-speed rail said, “We should be able to get to New York in an hour and a half!” Seth seems unfamiliar with the concept of airline travel, but let’s give him his time. He then went on with there being a concept of being able to connect Chicago and Atlanta. For one, this is not exactly a heavy-traffic commuter connection but also, not to beat a dead horsepower, those are the two primary airline hubs in the country. Trains are not a demand to connect these towns.


Joe pipes up as a clear proponent of this boondoggle and cites Los Angeles to make his point. “You look at L.A. – why is LA such a mess? Because the auto industry and big oil lobbied against mass transit in LA for a very long time.” Seriously. The homeless issue, deficits, rolling blackouts, drugs, and crime will be alleviated if there are trains. This is a town, mind you, with a subway system most residents completely ignore, even before the pandemic.

Next, AOC started complaining about having a bi-partisan agreement to pass this bill. Apparently having bi-partisan support hurts the underserved communities and benefits corporate interests. How? She does not explain that nor how you pass a massive spending bill like this without bipartisan support.

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Katie Tur brought up Joe Manchin — the current political pinata for the Democrats — and Moulton had this oddness to say about his party mate. “Manchin should know better .. He’s in a very powerful place right now in history and excited about that, but I think he’s really out of touch with the times and really out of touch with the American people and our fundamental values.” I am going to need help on this; how can one be in a powerfully important historical position while at the same time be out of touch with the times?! I suppose this makes sense to those pushing for us to modernize transportation from the 1800s.


Ocasio-Cortez then slammed Manchin with a recent report about him being in talks with big donors, and she said they should be negotiating with each other, not with billionaires. Then Manchin says, ”You ask why we don’t have high-speed rail, it’s the oil lobby, the car lobby, the airline lobby … It’s Big Money” Now the nation is held under the thumb of — Big Lobby!

Then at the conclusion of this meandering talk-fest of confounding platitudes, Scarborough praised AOC for showing restraint and not lashing out at those opposing this proposal, lauding her for “holding her tongue”. What the hell, Joe — did you nod off when she was talking?! She JUST slammed Joe Manchin, basically accusing him of taking bribes! The only time this woman has ever been capable of holding her tongue is when it came to describing a garbage disposal.

But unintentionally Scar-Joe gives the preferred tactic for those sane people who are not interested in snow-shoveling more billions into these boondoggles. Probably the best way to see this proposal soundly defeated is to keep letting these people with heads full of balloon juice to keep talking.


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