Potential Challenger to Ron DeSantis Tells an Amazingly Ridiculous Vaccine Lie - and She Should Know Better

Potential Challenger to Ron DeSantis Tells an Amazingly Ridiculous Vaccine Lie - and She Should Know Better
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If this is considered an election threat, then the governor may not even have to campaign.

In the state of Florida, the highest placed Democrat in Tallahassee is Nikki Fried, and it is clear you can see where she is in a position of being torn on issues. As Agriculture Commissioner, she should be in a position to know most of the details surrounding the state’s pandemic response and the vaccine rollout. As one of the likely challengers to DeSantis in next year’s election, she is prone to politicizing things as much as possible. 

This has left her in a position of spouting ridiculous claims in an effort to sound authoritative, in the hopes of bolstering her name. There is one problem with this strategy; the facts. Fried has to follow party talking points, such as the fraudulent claim DeSantis was prioritizing vaccines to his donors, and she has uncorked a new one that defies the details. The governor recently announced that he will be opening vaccine eligibility to residents 18 years and older, and Fried delivered a curious interpretation of things.

Just for openers, anyone who suggests that DeSantis is lagging behind anyone on his COVID/vaccine policies proves they have not been paying attention. Most of the criticism about DeSantis has been centered on him being far too aggressive in his plans. To say he is following in Biden’s footsteps on the matter is not only a laughable proposal, it is one easily disproved. As of now, Florida has vaccinated over 70% of elderly residents and as a result, DeSantis is calling for the earlier expansion of eligibility to take place in the coming week. That the state has one of the largest retirement populations makes reaching this mark all the more impressive.

Biden’s call for the same eligibility expansion is set to take place nearly one month later. For the AG commissioner of the state to declare DeSantis is playing catch-up means she is either severely politicizing this issue, or is vapidly unaware of what is taking place in her own state. The possibility that it is both reasons exists. The fact is that neither is an example of the higher skills desired in a potential candidate. 

There is little doubt that Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis has been a point of anxiety for both the Democrats and the press. (Yes, yes – I know.) Based on the numerous false reports from the state and the fake accusations leveled at him, you can clearly see there is nervousness over the way the man has displayed competency and has no fear of journalists. There are already plans on how to combat his growing political force.

While many are already whispering (shouting) about DeSantis becoming the heir apparent for the White House he first has a reelection taking place next year, and there are pieces being put into place on the Democrat’s side. One name brought forward is former governor and current opportunist, Charlie Crist. Crist is basically the Sunshine State version of Mitt Romney, a man who will take any position on values as long as it leads to his remaining in office. In three successive elections, he ran as a Republican, Independent, and finally a Democrat, in order to glean a House seat. To suggest this political weathervane will find widespread support to defeat a popular governor is rather laughable.

Another promoted challenger is Nikki Fried. In 2018, the state legislature turned a darker shade of red and Fried emerged as one of the rare few Democrats remaining in the Capitol. As a result, her name is commonly uttered as running against DeSantis in 2021. 

So, as the highest situated member of her party in the state, she is considered a frontrunner by default; as this latest commentary by her shows, it certainly is not based on any political heft.

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