CNN Fact-Checker Declares Joe Biden’s Own Words as Invalid for Declaring Lies

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Daniel Dale states it is wrong to use Biden’s quotes against him, because of ”things”.

Ah, the arrival of the Joe Biden administration is proving a tumultuous time for fact-checkers in the press. After years of easy work from President Trump – albeit busy work, at that – these same experts are finding things much tougher in The Age Of Truth And Transparency. It is not that Biden has any lack of falsehoods for them to fact check and correct — it is that they simply do not want to.


While Trump delivered straight-up details easy to invalidate, the new dawn in D.C. means that these experts at accuracy do not want to correct Biden. They dig the guy! Start with Glenn Kessler, from The Washington Post. Glenn had a particularly tough first week under a Biden Regime, and he showed his desire to be less-than-diligent regarding Joe’s factoids. He attempted to excuse away his lack of desire to begin a Biden lie tracker, claiming he did not have one in place for Trump when he took office.

Except, that was a checkable fact, Glenn.

Now we see that over at CNN their own Fact-check guru, Daniel Dale, has an equal desire to see to it that we do not see Biden’s faux info. He shot a video where he walks us through the minefield of Joe Biden’s wealth of executive orders he has already signed, and that those making a claim that this constitutes his dictatorial leanings are incorrect.

The reason this is even an issue is that Biden himself made the declaration that you should not lead through executive orders, and should rely on a consensus from Congress to pass most legislation. Dale is here to inform us that when he said this, ‘’That is not true. He was taken out of context.’’ To behold the magnificent attempt at reinterpreting what Joe said at a town hall while on the campaign trail watch Dale’s video here.


You just have to love the interpretation of citing Joe’s own words means they are ‘’being used against him.’’ I…I thought that was a specific tool fact-checkers used to verify the accuracy of statements made by Presidents and politicians. Imagine my surprise. (To be noted, Kessler attempted a similar dodge last week when given a story disputing a Biden claim, saying he only fact-checks policies, not headlines. Problem: The headline had a direct quote from Biden, i.e. his own policy.)

Daniel has given himself a daunting task; how does he take Joe Biden speaking out against EOs and justifying the fact that Biden signed more than the previous 4 Presidents signed in their first weeks in office – COMBINED. The answer: He reinterprets facts for our benefit.

When Joe was asked about his tax increases which he intended to impose right away his reply was, ‘’You gotta get the votes.’’ He was referring to going to Congress to pass legislation. He then went on to say, ‘’We are a Democracy,’’ and he declared that passing things via executive order was looked at as a problem. He referred to ‘’things you cannot do by executive order by executive order, unless you are a dictator. We’re a democracy. We need consensus.’’

Dale tries to sell this as inaccurate based on one word. ‘’Things.’’ He declares that in this quote Biden meant certain policies could not be passed by EO, but here is the crux — Dale never tells us what those ‘’things’’ specifically entailed. So despite the fact that Joe says this is dictator-like behavior and we need a consensus, his then doing this very thing just three months later is not a contradiction. We are to take it on faith then that as Biden has signed dozens of orders and memos of intent — 30 on his first two days, without once ever even approaching Congress — none of those rose to his nebulous standard in his undeclared category.


Joe has been able to reconstitute foreign policies from the Obama era, killed the Keystone pipeline, ended fracking permits on public lands, altered immigration policy, instituted labor issues, and froze federal regulations, all without consulting Congress. But Joe is not a dictator for doing all of this in a matter of days, according to Joe’s own measure? I’m sorry, I’m going to need more clarity than simply hanging all of this on the escape clause of the word ‘’things’’.

Dale even acknowledges that, following his speech in the Senate, Mitch McConnell’s spokesperson stated there was nothing inaccurate about the Senator’s words calling out Biden for his dictator claim. ‘’McConnell could have more fairly said, ‘Look, Biden called for a consensus and is now doing a bunch of executive orders.’ It is was just wrong though for McConnell to suggest that Biden is now meeting his own definition of a dictator.’’

Wrong…how?Joe mentioned dictatorial behavior via executive order. He called specifically for a Congressional agreement to be met on policy matters. He said we are a democracy. Yet he is sitting at the Resolute Desk with a foot-high stack of new orders, instituting his will in a matter of days while never working with Congress, placing thousands of people out of work while altering federal standards and restrictions.

If these ‘’things’’, and this volume, do not rise to Biden’s level of definition it is hard to regard what would be considered dictatorial. We can be certain the fact-checkers will not be clarifying this any further for our benefit.



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