In the UK They Are Issuing Warnings with the New Covid Vaccine

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As the cure is being politicized on social media some issues are already beginning to emerge.

In the US there has been a constant flow of commentary about the soon-to-be-arriving vaccine for Covid-19. Despite the appearance of good news that the promising vaccine has already been created all manner of controversy has been heaped on this as-yet proven cure. Both side of the political spectrum has delivered hot takes; the announcement just after the election was said to be timed politically, there was debate whether the company Pfizer was or was not involved in Operation Warp Speed, and now activists are pushing to banish those who refuse to take the vaccine.

Just to toss more fuel on the social conflagration, the reality is that the vaccine has already been released in the United Kingdom. While some have screeched how this is leading to more deaths in the US not everything is rosy about the highly touted serum. Reports out of Britain state that warnings about the vaccine are now going out after a pair of health workers who received the shots on Tuesday suffered allergic reactions.

Warnings are now issued that anyone who is prone to severe allergic reactions hold off on receiving the treatment. The two workers who reacted are recovering, but there is a call for caution for individuals who may be susceptible to reactions. 

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has given precautionary advice to NHS trusts that anyone who has a history of “significant” allergic reactions to medicines, food or vaccines should not receive the vaccine.

A specific reacting agent has not been established. The British paper The Independent reported they saw some of the dispatches from health organizations last night and no specific element has yet to be pointed to as a cause. 


It remains unclear what element of the vaccine the two staff members were allergic to, while The Independent understands that officials were not aware this would be an issue. Dr

June Raine, chief executive of the MHRA, said the regulatory body was examining the cases. “We know from the very extensive clinical trials this wasn’t a feature,” she told a parliamentary committee on Wednesday. 


While this particular is itself not a disqualifying side effect it does seem to reveal a bit of the risk attached with such a rapid public release. There has been some debate surrounding those who do not want to get the vaccine, and others who have called for strict governmental assessments on those who have not taken it. Some have called for federal vaccine cards to be issued, travel restrictions imposed on those without the shot, and other draconian measures.

If there are now allergy concerns or other health risks attached to the vaccine then how will these authoritarians address the collateral risks? This will be an issue that is far from resolved anytime soon.

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