Time Magazine Releases Short-List for ‘Person of the Year’ and We Give the Odds -- Winner May Be Optometrists, Due to the Eye Rolls

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They could replace the first word in POY to ‘’Pander’’.

The annual event of Time Magazine awarding who it declares the ‘’Person Of The Year’’ has of late become little more than a passing news item. Part of this is due to the print magazine no longer holding its high position among news outlets, but also because it has become something of a virtue-signaling trivia answer. Most of the time now when the POY is announced it evokes a reaction that is more of an after-thought, one likely to inspire shrugs or scoffs.


In years past the magazine had selected names like Adolph Hitler, and Joseph Stalin because, as they explain, they are recognizing someone who has influenced events, ‘’for better or for worse.” This past generation or so Time has made some very odd decisions for this honor. In 1982 the winner was the personal computer; we understand the significance, but still. Then in 1988 their selection was The Earth, a nod to the heightened global warming scare. (Calm down you reactionaries, that’s what we called it back then.)

The past three honorees have been pure activist pandering. 2017 saw the cover bearing ‘’The Silence Breakers,” in honor of the #MeToo movement. 2018 was even more so, by citing ‘’The Guardians,” in honor of the press corps and all of the aggressions visited upon those brave firefighters. Last year the winner was Greta Thunberg. This trio of selections should perfectly explain the presence of many of the names on the long-list of possible winners.

Time has drawn up a lengthy collection, so what I’ll do here is list out many of the choices with the odds of them becoming the newest annual honoree to draw out calls of ‘’Really?!’’ from the general public.


  • Covid First Responders – Odds:Even   It makes the most sense, it fits the magazine’s tendency to select a representative group, and it will cover the year’s biggest story. The only way this is not the pick is if the general public also makes this their call so the editors elect to split the results.
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci: 3/1   Pretty much covers all of the items above, but serves the purpose of a Person being chosen. Many would find this a bothersome selection and that controversy only adds to the possibility of getting the nod.
  • Kamala Harris – 10/1   This would be based entirely on her being a ‘’historic’’ selection as Vice President. Yes, she has not accomplished anything but coattail in a popularity contest, but Time named Barack Obama as POY weeks after his election, before he had even been sworn into office.
  • Joe Biden – 15/1    The man had not been around for years but then rides in to take the Presidency. This would be an honorarium similar to what was given to his boss.
  • Andrew Cuomo 20/1   The governor who has led the nation in Covid deaths, and possibly in hypocrisy, has also been adored by the press… for some reason. He recently won an Emmy, for some damned reason. He is a longshot, but a consideration, for those reasons.
  • Black Lives Matter Activists 20/1   They were the second major story of the year, for both better and for worse, so their chances here are pretty strong.
  • Donald Trump 25/1    He would qualify in their ‘’for better or for worse’’ standard, but since they already gave him this honor in 2016 it is doubtful he’ll be picked again.
  • World Health Organization  30/1     The media were enamored with this group, that is until about October, when WHO began suggesting things the left adored — wearing masks, and quarantines — might not be as beneficial as hoped.
  • Gretchen Whitmer 45/1    She has been nearly as reviled for Covid ineptitude as Cuomo, and is even being targeted for removal by the state legislature, so of course she is being hailed in the media.
  • Stacey Abrams 50/1    The press just will not stop inflating the importance of this never-was personality. She is included here for her vote efforts in Georgia, seen as a turning point for a Biden victory.
  • Jacinda Ardern 75/1    The Prime Minister of New Zealand has become globally recognized for the way her government has managed the Covid pandemic on her island nation.
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 80/1   It feels like she needs to be included by rote, even though she has not accomplished anything of merit all year.
  • Mitch McConnel 100/1    You know they only include him as part of their ‘’for worse’’ designation, but you know it would be a hilarious result to see Cocaine Mitch given the honor.


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