The Cynical Proposal to Have Joe Biden Pardon Donald Trump Defies the Pledge of Unity

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik


 This is the way the ‘’Party of Unity’’ is viewing the next phase of our nation.

One of the amusingly insistent narratives to come out of the recent general election is that a Joe Biden presidency will deliver the promise of healing and seeing the nation coming together. The car salesman promise of unity has already been exposed ass a complete ruse, as it took all of a day from the media announcement of a Biden victory to have various leftist sources boldly announce plans for reprisals. From enemies lists being drawn up to promises that Trump administration officials will forever be banished in polite society, the feeling of revenge from the left has been tangible.

One of the more cynical examples has cropped up from an outside player. Michael Conway is a DC figure and was a legal counsel known from the Watergate era. He has been making the rounds recently declaring that Joe Biden should make the move early in his administration and pardon Donald Trump. Just at the start of this you see the cynical nature at play. No particular crime is even alluded to here, let alone anything about charges being made. There is just an assumed crime and that Trump is assumed to be guilty already.

Yea, this has already gone down the rabbit hole. Here is how it is being presented.

First and foremost, Trump’s acceptance of a pardon — under the 1915 Supreme Court opinion in Burdick v United States — is an admission that he was guilty of the crimes for which he has been pardoned. Pardoning him may be the only way that Trump even implicitly concedes he did anything wrong.

So this is being done in a way to get Trump on the record as heaving done something criminal. What that ‘’thing’’ is has not been declared, but let’s pin him down.

But then Conway takes it further, and lays out what the plot is behind this perceived legal maneuver. If they have Trump accepting this generous offer from Biden he is then exposed, and this can then lead to further legal action being taken elsewhere.

A presidential pardon would not bar Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance from investigating and potentially prosecuting Trump and his company for crimes under state law. And his investigation already led to a Supreme Court ruling this summer rejecting Trump’s claim of immunity from criminal investigation while president.

So Conway thinks he laid out the perfect trap. The pardon would have Trump admitting to something, then the New York prosecutors would have tangible evidence to proceed with their case, and THEN Trump could really be finally on the hook and prosecuted. Again, for what is unknown, but this is considered a masterstroke, as it would pave the way for Trump punishment all while having Biden cleared of culpability and allowed to maintain his burnished image of being a ‘’uniter’’.

Of course for this to play out it would mean Trump has no clue this is the plot all along  — and that he never reads the news announcing this scheme. All this idiocy proves out is that the Trump Derangement shows no signs of ebbing and that these people are so obsessed that the coming four years will only deliver more of this imbalance thinking.

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