RedState Once Again Takes Over the Townhall The War For The White House Podcast

Townhall Media


Three RedState stars gather for another round of trenchant political discourse. And, phallic jokes.

Since the last time was such a rousing success (and nothing at all to do with last minute cancellations) Townhall Media’s election podcast The War For The White House was once again placed in the shaky hands of the RedState stellar team of writers Thomas LaDuke, Scott Hounsell, and Brad Slager as we went over the details and particulars of the important stories that are impacting the election.

We took it upon upon ourselves to discuss the Hunter Biden laptop scandal – given the press seems unwilling to do so. We picked over a few of the details the media wants to ignore, such as the fact that blaming all of this on the Russians is made a bit tougher, considering there is solid physical evidence including the actual invoice that Hunter himself signed over to the shop keeper.

Also we look ahead at the next Presidential debate and some of the particulars involving that promised fiasco. Of note the talk centered on the Debate Commission and how that outfit has been exposed as another partisan tool in D.C.. We also kicked around some of the topics they will be fighting over, both those supplied by the moderator and what Trump should mention to help his cause.

There was also time spent looking at the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearing and the public support for her, as well as analysis of the polls and some of the other metrics that indicate how states are looking as the data is not so surprisingly showing a narrowing of the gap between the candidates, even as one of them goes into hiding this week before Thursday’s primetime matchup.

And…yes…it could not be avoided. A certain member of the media had a salacious scandal. It could not be avoided.