There Is the Small Issue of the OTHER International Investment Entanglement With Joe and Hunter Biden

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FILE – This Dec. 4, 2013, file photo shows U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, left, arriving on Air Force Two in Beijing, China, with his son Hunter Biden (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan, Pool)


What if the attempt by the campaign to dismiss accusations is undone by it being a pattern?

There is a huge blowup in our political universe regarding Joe Biden’s son Hunter and how it could reflect on the campaign. There are hints and allegations of Biden using influence on behalf of his son in order for his progeny to enrich himself, something the campaign is denying and desperately attempting to suggest– with the help of a compliant media — has already been debunked.

There is a slight problem with the insistence, however — precedence. It might become tougher for those wanting to wish away the charges if it is shown that there is a bit of a repetitive nature to all of this. In order to see what the Biden campaign is up against bear with a bit of rehashing of the details.

  • Hunter joins his father on an international trip.
  • In the foreign country Hunter establishes business connections.
  • The forged commerce is in a field that Hunter is not particularly skilled or experienced in, yet a deal is struck.
  • Hunter pockets a small fortune as a result. 
  • Joe Biden denies using his influence on his son’s behalf.
  • Joe Biden denies meeting with any of the players in his son’s business venture, and he claims no knowledge whatsoever in what Hunter accomplished.

Most know of this script already; it has been heavily reported over the years. However here is the wrinkle that you may be surprised to learn — this story has nothing to do with an energy company named Burisma, nor does it involve Ukraine. Instead let us roll out the Indiana Jones voyage map and have the red line of travel moving in the opposite direction, to the Orient. Following work Joe Biden did on behalf of Hollywood (I cover this at Townhall) he used those Chinese contacts to make a governmental policy visit.

In 2013 Joe Biden made a state sanctioned trip to China. As Air Force 2 flew out to Beijing for the Vice Presidential visit Hunter Biden was on board. Hunter had a company with John Kerry’s stepson, Christopher Heinz, named Rosemont Seneca. Hunter met with a Chinese business associate, a banker named Johnathon Li. The banking system in China is very much run by the Chi-com authorities, and they saw to it that following the Vice Presidential visit that the investment company Li was connected to, Bohai Harvest RST, was officially registered with the regime. 

Hunter Biden’s connection with BHR is curious given he had no experience in the private equity sector. The company claims their registration approval coming soon after the visit was merely coincidental timing. Joe Biden, and his camp, claim to have no knowledge of Hunter’s dealings during the trip. This would mean that at no time during the lengthy flight from the Mainland to the US did the topic of what Hunter had been doing on the trip ever get discussed with his father.


The other claim made by the Biden people is that Joe never had an interaction with those Hunter had been meeting with in China. This is countered, however, by a report from last summer by Adam Entous in The New Yorker. 

According to a Beijing-based BHR representative, Hunter, shortly after arriving in Beijing, on December 4th, helped arrange for Li to shake hands with his father in the lobby of the American delegation’s hotel.

The article also calls into question the claims of the Joe Biden team being oblivious to what Hunter’s activities had been while on the trip. 

Some of Biden’s advisers were worried that Hunter, by meeting with a business associate during his father’s visit, would expose the Vice-President to criticism. The former senior White House aide told me that Hunter’s behavior invited questions about whether he “was leveraging access for his benefit, which just wasn’t done in that White House.

This is not something that was revealed in the latest furor over Hunter’s laptop. Entous wrote of this in July, 2019. So the claim being made by the Biden campaign that influence was not leveraged, knowledge was not known, and a meeting was never conducted, all crumble under the fact that this has already been reported on.


What is most revealing is this Chinese timeline almost matches exactly the timeline that has been reported on Hunter’s dealings in Ukraine. This makes it harder to dismiss the stated script that Joe did not act on his son’s behalf to have him benefit financially in an economic deal in a field where Hunter had no evident experience. Harder, that is, unless you are a member of the mainstream press.


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