Social Media Opened for Hunter Biden Explainers From Washington Post and AP About the BANNED NY Post Story

Social Media Opened for Hunter Biden Explainers From Washington Post and AP About the BANNED NY Post Story
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They provide all the details about the story we are not allowed to read.

It is possibly the reality that typifies 2020, where social media companies are restricting what we are allowed to read, but ushering all the opportunity to be coached on what we are forbidden to see for ourselves. Twitter and FaceBook have gone so far as to not only shut down access to the NY Post piece regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop and emails but are also closing the official accounts from the Trump election campaign, and even the White House Press Secretary.

Despite this in curious — but not surprising — fashion, these same social media titans are allowing news outlets to post their full blown accounts of the Biden story; the media are permitted to offer us their ‘explainers’ on the story, while we are prevented from seeing the very details for ourselves. As Jennifer Van Laar pointed out, Twitter even created a MOMENTS tab that declared — in don’t-believe-your-lying-eyes fashion — WaPo had disproven Biden’s threat on a Ukrainian prosecutor, despite us all having seen him say so on video. If this were a court case the defense would be going before the judge declaring this a mistrial before the prosecution filed official charges.

We have almost become accustomed to the press taking the charge on behalf of the Democratic Party, and now it appears the social media corporations are falling in line as well. Look at how we have seen a number of media figures going to bat for Joe Biden, explaining for us peons how the candidate taking regular breaks — ‘’calling a lid on the day’’ as is frequently announced — is a normal and not-at-all worrisome action. Now they are leaping in front of Biden to protect him from new accusations.

The amazing thing to behold in these three detailed accounts is how the press is doing far more work to disprove the Hunter Biden emails than the Joe Biden camp. Nobody from the campaign has come forward to announce that the emails are invalid or fake. The press, in all of their desperation, are however declaring that the PDF file has metadata that supposedly disproves the dates. This is hardly proof of falsified docs however, as it seems the emails were collected and entered into a single document at one time. The individual emails have not been vetted in this fashion.

To see the lengths the press has gone for this, in the one WaPo piece they have done just as much digging into the names of Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon, two of the figures behind the release of this information. Also telling in the media scrum of the moment is that a press corps that has been unable to explore details into the Biden campaign has somehow found the resolve to track down the computer repair shop worker who was in possession of Hunter’s laptop. It is a similar level of intrepid work we witnessed when the maker of a wrestling gif with Trump body-slamming a CNN logo was exposed by the media.

This is the landscape where the media has elected to set up these days, and now social media is pitching tents alongside them at their base camp. Spiking an incriminating story, running interference with defensive columns, ferreting out the identity of the person who turned over the data, and then blaring the headlines ‘’disproving’’ the story we are forbidden from seeing. It is clear how things have been stacked up to influence the coming election.

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