Hilariously Chuck Todd is Accused of Being a Republican Plant as the Left Begins Cannibalizing

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(AP Photo by/NBC, William B. Plowman, File)


His tendency towards equal time on issues is apparently a severe problem.

Things may not be going according to the Leftist playbook if this reaction is any indicator. You would expect that, based on the messaging coming out of the media complex that President Trump has no hope, Joe Biden is cruising to an easy victory, and the country will return to something they consider a version of normalcy if not for those dastardly Republicans in the Senate following the Constitution when it comes to Supreme Court nominations.


The only problem is the same media players are not exactly acting out in the behavior of those with supreme confidence. They are acting unhinged over Amy Coney Barrett, are desperately spinning Biden’s foibles and are even trying to suggest his biggest current issue — court-packing for SCOTUS — is actually a GOP practice. And now they are turning on one of their own. Chuck Todd is currently under fire from his own side and is being accused now of being a journalist working in the interests of the GOP.

I know, I know — as farcical as the claim is for those of us on the starboard side of politics, some named individuals are actually claiming Chuckles has been operating as a Republican plant. The evidence being offered for this accusal is in truth more revealing of the accusers. Todd is said to be guilty of allowing GOP guests on his show to operate in bad faith, and that even the practice of being willing to listen to opposition voices is itself a sign of some type of guilt. The charge is that by not acting out in a purely partisan fashion for the left it is a sign he is a pure partisan of the right. Uh…huh.

The main cause for this friendly-fire outrage is that Chuck is willing to speak with conservative gabber Hugh Hewitt as host of the vaunted Meet The Press. Though Hewitt is technically a member of the press he resides on the wrong side of the media spectrum, therefore it is untoward for anyone to meet him and his views. The biggest flare up over this visit involves Hewitt recently making comments about the left attacking Coney Barrett’s Catholicism, accurate words that seem to have certain critics in a dander.


Every Catholic, indeed every person of any faith, has to realize the left despises them and that the Democrats shelter this virulent bigotry and pretend it’s something else. Catholics should vote accordingly, whether or not a Democrat is Catholic. The left controls the party. 

In response Todd is in the cross-hairs for daring to speak to Hewitt over this very issue.


The responses became even more pointed from there.

Let us take a moment to digest this. It is completely unacceptable for Hugh Hewitt to suggest those on the left cancel people because of their views, therefore it becomes unacceptable for Chuck Todd to speak to Hewitt, and as a result he must be judged for his views — and thus canceled.

Understand also, this is a complaint being lodged before Chuck spoke to Hewitt. They were just convinced about what would be said, how Todd would or would not react, and the guilty charge was delivered accordingly. It is an odd sort of leftist pre-cog judgment being granted.




Now this is not to make any claim here that The Palmer Report is in any way a balanced viewpoint. But it is revealing to see those occupying turf on the left coming out with their stated opposition that presenting both sides of an issue is somehow a disqualifying quality. Allowing the other side to express their opinion and allow viewers to digest those and make a decision is ‘’operating in bad faith’’. 

You also have to appreciate the call for more diversity with the hosts, but don’t you dare come out and grant the means for a diversity of opinion! That is simply not permitted in today’s news landscape and, quite frankly, that sort of permissiveness is a fireable offense. What these stunted thinkers are incapable of grasping is that they are exhibiting the very concept that Hugh Hewitt was alluding to in his ‘’controversial’’ comments.

Hewitt was talking of how the left is attacking Coney Barrett based solely on her faith (a faith shared by their own Presidential candidate, mind you) and how they are resorting to a base level of cancel culture. Now, simply because Chuck Todd is opening up a microphone to an opposing viewpoint, these same minds are trying to other Todd as a Republican plant and have him canceled as a result. 


If they wanted to silence Hewitt’s stance they failed, as they are doing a far better job of proving him accurate than anything Hugh himself might say on Meet The Press.  Yes, everything is going just swimmingly in the liberal environment. Well done, reactionaries!


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