Democrats Will Want to Memory-Masshole These Yard Signs With the State Name Spelled Incorrectly

Democrats Will Want to Memory-Masshole These Yard Signs With the State Name Spelled Incorrectly


That’s a wicked-awesome effort on the one job you had!

12 words  – TWELVE.

That was all the Democratic Party offices had to contend with when creating the yard signs for the Kamala Harris campaign with her running mate, Joe Biden. Pretty cut and dry task; you slap on the logo, include the website address, and then cut/paste the party designation on the bottom. Performing a spell check on this would take all of 10 seconds, then you can crack open a Sammy and go watch your beloved Pats play, without Tawmmy in the pocket.

This task, however, seemed too much for the party operatives in Bean Town. When one resident, a 19-year-old podcaster in the Andover area, dropped some cash at party offices to get a sign to sink into his lawn he came to discover what Joe Biden’s blood type might be — Type-o Positive.

When Jessy Han, a 19-year-old podcaster from Andover, saw that his local Democratic Town Committee had Biden/Harris lawn signs up for grabs, he was eager to show his support for the campaign. So he happily handed over a $7 donation and picked one up over the weekend.

Before he plunked it in his front yard, though, he spotted something he calls “unfortunate” in the sign’s required funding disclosure at the bottom of its message: The Massachusetts Democratic party had spelled its own name wrong. “Paid For By The Massachsuetts Democratic party,” the text reads, in small but legible type. Massachsuetts.

Will this impact the campaign adversely, and possibly swing the state over to Donald Trump in the November election? Heh heh, no — not a chance. Massachusettes is so blue it is a darker shade than the Redsox baseball hats. But it does make for a nice accompaniment to some of the rambling vocalizations we have been getting from Joe Biden over the past few months. 

After you consider all of the gaffes Joe has made, which his wife Jill forbade Jake Tapper from exploring, maybe butchering the name of the state pales slightly — OR becomes the perfect emblem of the entire campaign.

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