As the Postal Scandal Died Off We Now See USPS Problems With Mail-in Voting

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 (AP Photo/Nati Harnik, File)


Funny that the supposed subterfuge by the administration got more coverage than actual postal incompetence.

You can tell how desperate the media has become in this election cycle by how loud scandals are blared and by how quickly they die off under the glare of analysis. Seems the facts are as much of a disinfectant as sunlight. Recall how just weeks ago we were deeply embroiled in the loud and outrageous hysteria of the postal service scandal. For the first time people were defending the government entity that loses billions of dollars annually, accusing the sainted service of being targeted by monsters. That has dried up rather rapidly and now all that is left are reports of your basic run-of-the-mill screw-ups.


The media-assisted Democrats have managed to make mail-in voting a basic requirement for this election adopted by many states. This was pushed by weeks of claims that the Trump administration was doing all it could to handicap the postal system in a desire to rig the election. There were baseless reports from numerous post offices of machines being decommissioned ahead of the election, mail boxes being absconded from city streets to suppress voting, and even reports of mail delivery vehicles being stolen while filled with ballots.

These idiotic accusations have been systematically neutered. The mailbox removals have been either replaced or part of a years in the making replacement program, and the protests staged at the postmaster general’s residence were over policies begun before his tenure. Those sorting machine reports failed to note that these were older devices being replaced, or even magazine sorters which were no longer needed and had no impact on ballot sorting. Regardless, to appease the hysterics the postmaster has instituted a freeze on any further machine replacements — meaning the influx of massive ballot mailers will be handled on out-of-date equipment. 

A new report just came from Utah where more issues with the mail-in process have been revealed, only the charge of Trump tampering cannot be applied. In that state the voters have been receiving instructions on how to conduct the process on mail-in voting. Residents are being instructed that they have to submit requests for a mail-in ballot 15 days ahead of the election. The problem is that in Utah all residents are automatically mailed a ballot so they can cast a postal vote.


The revealing aspect is that this bit of disinformation is not coming from a nefarious political operative source, it is being delivered by the USPS. The very entity we are told is more than able to handle the surge in physical mailers for the election cannot even get the protocols correct in the process of voting. This also touches on a built-in problem with this mail-in ‘’solution’’.

Considering every single resident is automatically sent a valid voting ballot it needs to be investigated as to what measures are in place to assure that those who arrive in person on election day have not already cast a ballot. The primary difference in absentee voting is that it needs to be requested by the voter. This then verifies that the individual has declared their intent and the system can be adjusted to show this. If they next go to a polling station the network should alert that this voter has requested they vote otherwise and cannot be given a ballot. This assurance is removed if everyone is automatically granted a mail-in ballot.

But do not worry, the exalted postal service has everything under control to promise the election will transpire without any hindrance to the validity of the results — just as soon as it figures out what exactly is taking place.



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