The Weekend Document Dump -- Biden's Foreign Influence, Peace Deserves No Prize, and the Satanic GOP

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Gathering the off-kilter items from the news cycle across Townhall properties.

Looking across the sites from the Townhall landscape there is plenty of head-scratching to be had, so here in easily digestible capsule form are some of the items to pour forth from the feverish minds of the press, the left, the entertainment, and the political spectrums. Not surprisingly this one will be convention-heavy, as it just could not be avoided with all of the shenanigans offered up. As always, govern yourselves accordingly.


Foreign Collection, Not Collusion

You would think that a press corps so bothered for years over foreign influencing in an election would be concerned about this. I know, I know – I chuckled just typing it out. The Democratic party fundraising outfit, Act Blue, has a curious anomaly in its fundraising for Joe Biden. It appears that around half of the donors to the campaign using this platform are listed as ‘’unemployed’’. It is a curious wrinkle that allows donations via unsecured credit cards, like those you can preload at stores. This is a way to skirt donor limits as well as a possible conduit for foreign donations to be made. But, nothing to see here, for certain.


They Should Have Gone With ‘Appropriated’

In any other year this would be deemed beyond ridiculous. In 2020 it barely registers a shrug. In Minnesota a restaurant serving Mexxican fare was picketed because the protestors were upset that the Spanish name appropriated Mexcian culture. While this has become the norm in this era it is especially made into a 2020 story in that people are trying to get the establishment cancelled before it has even opened. 


Supremacy Via POC Support

The NBA has been an especially dysfunctional organization for at least a year. Starting with its China controversy the league has wallowed in social activism, all to its detriment. Ratings have been eroding, and the public opinion of pro sports has sunk to historically low levels. The mentality around has become so polarized that currently head coach of the Utah Jazz, Quin Snyder is being referred to as a white supremacist. His crime earning this label? He donated money to a political candidate — who is a black man.



Apparently Loud Pipes DO Save Lives

The press had been positively vibrating in anticipation that they could demonize the Sturgis motorcycle rally as being a Covid supre-spreader event. After a few tepid reports which reported tepid infection rates they finally had their ‘’proof’’. A study was released that proclaimed hundreds of thousands of attendees contracted the virus and spread it across the country, at a cost of over $12 billion. The problem; this was not exactly what is considered a scientific study. It was not even conducted by medical professionals. Some economists drew up a modeling assessment, based on cell phone data, and many places the declared as having flare ups of the disease had experienced the spikes before the rally began. Also, to arrive at their dollar figure they counted every single projected case as requiring hospital treatment. Highly scientificated.


Try Beating These Demographics, Dems

When it comes to identity politics there is no one approaching the Democratic party. They put a premium over which demographics are in play on any given issue and in any given election. It might be tough for them to top this however. In a New Hampshire primary a Transgender Anarchal Satanist wins the GOP nomination. Come get your fire resistant yard signs now ahead of the November election.


We’ve Redefined Everything Else, Why Not ‘Peace’ As Well


It has been a tough few weeks for the folks over at The Atlantic. After their failed hit-job involving President Trump supposedly insulting fallen war vets, they reported that Biden was not answering reporters because he was visiting his son’s grave. Reports and video showed Biden walking to his SUV from a church and not stopping once. Now comes the troubling announcement that President Trump is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The Atlantic has called for now cancelling the Nobel as a result — because while they were fine with Obama being granted the award prior to commencing with thousands of bombs and drone strikes, it is unacceptable that Trump has brokered peace deals three times since the summer, without any conflicts.


Journalist Undone By Basic Research

NY Times reporter Kathy Gray detailed her account of being kicked out of the recent Trump rally in Freeland Michigan. She built this up into a tale of the campaign being intolerant to the press, despite their being plenty of media in attendance. Many of her supporters were crying out how this was a violation of the 1st Amendment, despite being on private property. Also despite those other media members allowed to report. Also, it is tough to say that the event was being secretive given it was completely televised. Of course there was more to this tale. Gray had failed to get properly credentialed and when approached by staff she refused to do so. She has since deleted her tale of journalistic suppression.



Love Between The Buns

For reasons which defy explanation — and which frankly prevent curiosity — the Norwegian division of Burger King have produced an ad campaign depicting their mascot King in a full embrace with Ronald McDonald. It probably would be considered forbidden love, but frankly what happens in the walk-freezer and does not affect me is none of my business. 


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