The Townhall Media 'War for the White House' Podcast - Biden Crashes Kenosha and the Dems Are in Disarray

Townhall Media
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War for the White House podcast (Townhall Media)


In the ongoing series, I join other writers from Townhall properties to discuss the latest campaign events.


This election season, Townhall is conducting a series of podcasts covering the developments on the campaigns, with a rotating panel of names from the various outlets in the Townhall syndicate. For the latest episode Matt Vespa from Townhall, Bryan Preston from PJ Media, and I sat together to cover some of the wild — and at times hilarious — developments over the course of the recent news cycle.

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden made visits to the troubled location of Kenosha, Wisconsin in the wake of a police shooting and another round of violent protests. We also covered the aftermath of the conventions, the recent jobs report, the manner in how the Democrats cannot seem to get their platform in order, and the story just released by The Atlantic that was so laughably bad in content to already have been debunked before the weekend.


Aside from normally brilliant hot-takes, it is an interesting show in that you get to hear the impressions and opinions from those at differing outlets. So listen along and arm yourself with the latest facts regarding the campaigns and what to expect in the 2 months leading up to the election.


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